Jiguopai Church(基國派教堂)

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Posted Date:2015-12-25


The Jiguopai Church is situated at the upstream of Dahan River in Taoyuan's Fuxing District; it was built in 1964. In the early church construction period, in the hopes of passing down the spirit of Christianity through future generations, rocks from the bat cave nearby were chosen as the construction material, these rocks were to be excavated by local residents and carried up the mountain one at a time for the construction of the building. Based on the concept of "a key to enter heaven", the pastor designed the unique church entrance; combined with the unique design of the walls, its simple elegance is even more obvious. The Council for Cultural Affairs has listed the church as one of the century-old historical sites; it was also selected as one of the "100 Religious Attractions in Taiwan" by the Ministry of the Interior in 2013.

Jiguopai Church is located on the tribal grounds of the Dawuo Tribe. Back then, due to the growing number of followers having no set location for church meetings, it was decided that a church will be built within the tribe. To ensure that the church will flourish throughout the ages, under the suggestion of an American missionary Jacob Sun, and the organization of the local missionary Pastor Chen Zhong-Hui, it was decided that the church will not be constructed using the traditional Atayal tribal building material of timber and bamboo. Instead, stone masons from Beitou were asked to come and teach the tribe how to work with rocks; it took about half a year to resolve the issues related to stone cutting. Through the cooperation and hard work of the people of the Atayal tribe, where each person was responsible for one rock, this religious center constructed from rocks was finally completed and named "Jiguopai Church" after the local tribe.

After the wear and tear of 50-plus years, the church still stands firm today. Even with the construction of a new church in 1994 after the number of followers continued to increase, and the original church was almost demolished after the transfer of land ownership, with the petition from the Department of Cultural Affairs, funding was granted by the government to revamp the building to become a local cultural center. The center was re-opened in 2004, and it still retains the appearance of the original church. The main building constructed from rocks looks like the Noah's Ark sitting on a hill when viewed at a distance. The cross on top of the church has not been damaged and still retains the unique features of beautiful craftsmanship. At the entrance of the church, a one-size smaller gabled gate can be found. Unlike the sharp and angled lines found in most churches, the soft gentle curves symbolized "clouds" to tell the stories of another form of heaven. The design concept of overlapping squares and circles signified "keyholes" to represent the key and path to heaven. All of this adds refinement and elegance to the otherwise simple and rustic design of the church.

By comparing the old church with the new, the uniqueness of the architectural aesthetics of the Jiguopai Church is even more obvious. Back then, rocks carried by the hard work of local residents were not laid horizontally one on top of the other, instead they were placed diagonally or irregularly against each other. After years of weather exposure, each rock has become even more valuable and also imbues the church with a richly-layered facade.



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  • James C

    Melbourne, Australia

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    Badly maintained

    2 2018-01

    The area is scenic no doubt but overall badly maintained, the walking tracks are broken, overgrown, and the church itself also seem in bad condition...overall, scenic, historical place but a lot of work needed to bring it up to scratch
  • Yu Ming S

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Not much to see

    2 2017-02

    It's wayyyyyy out in the country side. I didn't see any busses out that way either. It's maybe a 5 min drive from another attraction but personally I'd give this one a miss. Not much information there about the building or history. Not worth the trouble to get there.
  • te-chang


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    3 2018-05

  • YuChien L

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    3 2017-11

  • jessiew774

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    4 2017-10

    進去的路有點小 位置偏僻 教堂為石頭製造的 外觀保存完整 內部已空無一物 有些可惜 旁邊已經蓋了新教堂 但去的時候沒有開放 想上個洗手間也不得其門而入

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