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Zhongping Road Story House(中平路故事館)


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Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00
Zhongping Road Story House is hidden within the bustling Zhongping shopping district. During the old days, it was the dormitory of civil servants. As the structure still contains building materials from the Japanese colonial era, such as its roof tiles, window sills, sliding doors, and pillars, the well-preserved building is a window to the old way of life during the Japanese colonial period. In 2010, the building was listed as a historical site and renovated by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan City Government. The renovated building incorporates art and culture exhibitions, cultural activities, and cultural creative merchandise. Guided group tours are also available where visitors are shown a glimpse of the way of life in Zhongli from the Japanese colonial era to the agricultural era.
Zhongping Road Story House(中平路故事館)
Zhongping Road Story House is a Japanese era townhouse full of history; it was built in 1930 and served as a Japanese townhouse style dormitory for civil servants. The building covers an area of around 100 square meters. As it became the residence of the Department of Indigenous People Section Chief Wang Guo-Zhi and Ministry of Education's Liao Yun-Quan, successively, the four generations of the two different families lived here for almost 60 years, imbuing the house with an abundance of family memories and historical remembrances.

The most valuable aspect of the old house is the preservation of culture. In 2007, after the original residents moved away, it was listed as a historical building in 2010. In order to revitalize and reuse the old building, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan City Government, began to revamp the spaces inside the house which took around 2 years. In May of 2015, it was finally re-opened as the "Zhongping Road Story House". The elegance and simplicity of the bygone days are preserved through the mode of presenting a different story in each corner of the house, these include the brick stove in the kitchen with its memories of delicious meals, the coal blocks in the cellar, the pigpen that was a part of every family back in those days, and cooling off watermelons in the well at the back. Even the layout of the tatami mats inside the rooms evoke the memories from those times, making Zhongping Road Story House a place of warmth and reminiscence.
Zhongping Road Story House guides the visitors from each story corner to help them learn about the history and culture of the old house, there are also displays of old family photos and artifacts from the old days. Also available are cultural creative areas, art exhibitions, city lectures, and Hakka cultural activities for an in-depth experience of the story house, so that visitors can immerse themselves in the memories of the old building.
In addition, Zhongping Road Story House will also be offering the "Hakka Flavor Tea Party" to promote traditional Hakka cuisine, the menu will be based on the theme of "siid bau′ mangˇ" (have you eaten yet in the Hakka language) to bring warm food and greetings to its visitors. Noodle set meals and tea set meals in Hakka flavors are provided. Simplicity will be the key to showcase the lifestyle philosophy of mouth watering foods as well as the thriftiness of the Hakka people.
When you come to the Zhongping Road Story House, you will be inspired to pay attention to the history of the past. While you are immersed in the stories from the bygone days, you are also encouraged to leave your own stories and add to its collection, so that the story puzzle of the old days can become more complete.



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