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Sankeng Eco Park(三坑自然生態公園)


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Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59


Beautiful mountain, beautiful water, and relaxing atmosphere! Embrace 3.8 hectares of primary ecological view.

Play with water in the shallow stream and picnic on the big green field — fun time for families with children!

Eye-catching! 3D painted embankment — colorful scenery along Dahan River.


Stretching out over nearly 3.8 hectares of beautiful scenery, Sankeng Eco Park is located along the banks of the Dahan River at Shihmen Dam. Its main attractions are a large eco-lake and expansive recreational grounds in the vicinity. The park was constructed according to eco-friendly methods with a wide variety of indigenous plants cultivated to integrate the park with the natural sceneries. Facilities include recreational areas, pavilions, wooden arch bridges, and water activity canals. The park is also connected to the Sankeng Cycling Track, making it a part of the sports and leisure space.

The surrounding areas of Sankeng Eco Park have not been industrialized, and its vicinity to the dam lends it the beautiful water sceneries. Added to the wide expanse of green slope next to the dam, it imbues the entire area with an air of relaxation and tranquility. In autumn, the Taiwanese rain trees dazzle with their soft red leaves, adding a splash of color to the verdant surroundings and brightening up the scene.

In the Japanese colonial era, Sankeng Eco Park was actually a bustling ferry wharf. Later on, however, the water traffic dwindled due to a blockage of the river. Also, illegal mining of gravel and sand and subsequent refilling with waste products resulted in severe destruction of the natural environment. It was only with the hard work of the local community and people from all sectors that the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior began planning the park’s renovation. The canal from Shihmen Dam was directed here to irrigate the land which gradually improved the environment, eventually transforming it to the current green and serene eco-park.

Sankeng Eco Park has a rich waterside habitat and is also one of the premiere spots to enjoy Longtan's beautiful natural sceneries. Early on in the planning stage, it had already been decided that Sankeng Eco Park would retain its natural habitat and all manmade interferences would be minimized, and the park space would incorporate nature and leisure. Apart from the pavilions and the bridges which are made from concrete, the entire park area allows rainwater to naturally seep into the soil. The eco-pond is surrounded with natural pebbles, while borehole water and spring water is continually pumped into the pond to maintain the freshness. The protective embankment is enforced with rot-treated beams, which also provide birds with a temporary resting place. Fishing is prohibited at the pond which enables the abundance of aquatic life to flourish. The water scenery is especially appealing at sunset. Stroll along the wooden pathway and enjoy the scenery of the mountains and water and do some birdwatching. It is a perfect location not just for relaxing and taking walks, but also for taking wedding photos and observing wildlife.

In addition, the embankment of Dahan River is right next to the park. Take the stone steps and go up the embankment to enjoy the view of Shihmen Dam and Dahan River. Behind the parks can be found the well-known Sankeng cycling track. The track has a total length of 6 km with a gentle gradient, making it suitable for both adults and children to come enjoy cycling fun. During summer, there are rich green rice fields to be admired; in autumn and winter, after the rice has been harvested, cosmos flowers are cultivated turning the fields into a vibrant sea of blossoms, presenting you with their gentle loveliness.



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