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Longyuan Temple Business District(龍元宮商圈)


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Following a promotion project launched by Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan City, Longyuan Temple Business District centered on the centennial Longyuan Temple is located in downtown Longtan and covers major traffic corridors, including Dachang Road, Zhongzheng Road and Longyuan Road. In addition to chain stores and local characteristic foods, the business district also includes historically significant tourist attractions, offering visitors new ways to explore this old street section!
Since the Qing Dynasty's rule over Taiwan, Longyuan Temple that worships Emperor Shennong (also known as the god of agriculture or the lord of five grains) has been the center of religious belief for locals. Every April, a cultural festival is held to celebrate Emperor Shennong's birthday through holy pig competition and traditional music performance, drawing throngs of tourists to the event. At each Lantern Festival, Longyuan Temple holds a festive carnival parade that combines "welcoming antiques" tradition and pilgrimage procession of the god of wealth, bringing even more festive joy than Chinese New Year!
Coming to the business district of a temple, one should never miss local delicacies! Besides local delicacies in front of the temple, the healthy food culture around the Longyuan Temple Business District is also a must-visit attraction.
After satisfying your taste buds, you'll need spiritual food! The Japanese-style house in "Zhongzhaozheng Literary Park" is the former residence of Mr. Zhongzhaozheng, who wrote the novel "Lubinhua" and has significantly influenced Taiwanese literature. The neighboring Longtan Large Tourist Pond is a great place for families with children where visitors can stroll along the lakeside walkway, or slide down the dragon slide and splash into the refreshing pool. Another nearby attraction is the Shengji Pavilion, which is the best preserved literature furnace in Taiwan. The symmetric Shengji Pavilion has three halls and high stone pens in the garden, depicting a traditional Chinese etiquette showing respect to literature.




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