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Yeuan Yeou Coffee Cultural Park(源友咖啡文化館)


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As the largest roasted coffee bean supplier for coffee franchises in Taiwan, Yeuan Yeou Coffee specializes at roasting, grinding and extracting coffee beans, grains and baking raw materials. Also, it is the source of coffee beans for many domestic supermarkets and café franchises. In Pingzhen Industrial District, the building with large glass panels in the shape of a coffee mug is the main part of Yeuan Yeou Coffee Cultural Park. As you walk into Alpha Coffee on the first floor of the building, eye-catching interior design are right in front of you: the walls with transparent jars of coffee beans, wooden tables and chairs, exaggerated key vision and green plants, making you feel as if in a modern and stylish foreign café.
The spacious venue is filled with unbeatable coffee aroma. Relishing on specialty coffee and exquisite light meals are great enjoyments not to be missed here. The coffee beans are painstakingly selected from Panama Duncan Estate, Guatemala El Injerto Estate, Guatemala Santa Felisa Estate, El Salvador Finca Pena Redonda Estate, and so on. Each type of coffee beans is unique and creates its own impeccable taste through professional brewing.
It is worth mentioning that Yeuan Yeou is not only Taiwan's largest coffee roasting factory, but also an excellent venue for SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) professional barista training because its environment, equipments and courses have been designed fully based on SCAA standards.
In this tourism factory that passes evaluations, visitors can learn more about the process of coffee planting, harvesting, refining, and roasting through guided tours. Coffee tasting is also provided on-site. Yeuan Yeou Coffee Cultural Park that provides both industry information and entertainment is the best learning place for schools and companies.



TEL 03-4697387#1032
FAX 03-4695179
Opening Hours Monday to Friday, 9:00-16:00
Charge $250/person. Reservation is required.


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  • Bus Station
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  • Parking Lot
  • Shop


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