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Amuping Ginger Island (阿姆坪薑母島)


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Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59


Sail to greatness – follow experts to the lake and island

Depart at high water level –
The Blue Highway of Shihmen Reservoir and New Xikou Suspension Bridge

You might not know of Pillow Mountain but you probably have heard of (the made-up) “Ginger Island” from the popular Taiwanese TV series, Fated to Love You. The series was shot here at Ginger Island opposite of Amuping. The expert way of touring Shihmen Reservoir is to take a boat around the lake and then board the island to visit more than 20 hundred-year-old Earth Gods on the island, appreciate the driftwood art, and visit this Utopia in the fog.

Amuping, “ah-bo- penn” in Minnan dialect, is at the right bank of the mid-stream of Shihmen Reservoir as part of the terrace of Dahan River. Allegedly, Lü Amu kept a flock of ducks while cultivating this land and therefore the name. In the past, during holidays, the hotels with views, large camping grounds, and outdoor training grounds attracted lots of visitors. Later, the water conservation law put a hold on the development and tourism. Amuping transitioned into an ecology and nature conservation zone. You can begin the trip from the ecological park next to Amuping parking lot. Walking on the shaded trail and listening to birds sing, or watching egrets fly at the pagoda, you can submerge yourself in this relaxing atmosphere and scenery.

With a heart full of excitement, you will board the boat to tour around the lake. Being in this “miniature Three Gorges of Yangtze River” is truly a dream-like experience. While passing by Longjuwan, Dream Meadow (Ernai Mountain), Shixiuwan Waterfall, Changxing Broken Bridge, and Lovers’ Island, you can reminisce about the past. Disembarking at Ginger Island, the last and most important destination of the tour, you can buy local driftwood art, bamboo shoots, oranges, and pineapples as gifts. Fried river shrimps, fried fresh-water sprat, and fried sweet potato are cuisines not to be missed. Finally, pay a visit to the hundred-year-old Earth God temple and cleanse yourself spiritually.

Besides the Ginger Island tour and circular lake tour, you should not miss the New Xikou Suspension Bridge tour. You will be able to appreciate New Xikou Suspension Bridge (nicknamed Taoyuan 303) without exhausting yourself! If the water level of the reservoir surpasses 240m, you will be able to board the boat at Amuping Marina. Along the way, you can see the broken bridge, waterfalls, and cliffs, and avoid the traffic jam on Provincial Highway 7 on holidays and arrive at New Xikou Suspension Bridge like a breeze.



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