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GFun Select Shop (GFun機能生活館)


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As the largest manufacturer for moisture-permeable waterproof fabrics in the world, GFun has been devoted to the development of textile processing technologies that make their functional fabrics moisture-wicking, wind-resistant, breathable, warmth-keeping, water-repellent, UV-resistant and anti-bacterial. GFun has been deeply trusted by their customers, including The North Face, Columbia, patagonia, NIKE and adidas, all of which are well-known global brands. GFun, starting from the manufacturing of functional fabrics, furthermore creates its own brand and steps into the clothing industry.
"GFun Select Shop" showcases the essence of the company in making functional textiles and clothing: not only the functions of textiles, textile manufacturing process and garment design, but also garment manufacturing process, quality control and every tiny little thing that GFun does to optimize its products. Besides, the specially designed "Functional Textile Experience Zone" provides various DIY experiments for visitors to experience the benefit of different functional textiles. If you want to know how flexible the functional textiles can be during exercise, come to "Flexibility Experience Zone" to try it! Another uniqueness of the tourism factory is the "All-Weather Corridor," allowing every participant to put on the moisture-permeable waterproof raincoat produced by GFun, walk through the corridor, and experience the comfort and full protection of the product that obviously outperforms traditional PVC raincoat.



TEL 03-4389538#399
FAX 03-4833987
Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 10:30-17:00
Charge Free admission. Extra DIY activities will be charged.
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◎ Reservation Regulations:
☆ Group and school visit (groups of 40people or more): Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance.
※ If your preferred time slot is full, you will be notified and arranged to another available one.
※ Please be sure to come on time. For those who are more than 15 minutes late and fail to show up without any notification, GFun Select Shop reserves the right to cancel your group visit.
※ To cancel a guided tour or change your date of visit, please make a phone call to GFun Select Shop 2 days prior to your visit.
◎ Reservation:
Reservations must be made by phone 7 days in advance to ensure the quality of your visit. (We will limit the number of visitors in the tourism factory. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your consideration!)
◎ Reservation Hotline: +886-3-438-9538#399


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