Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone(拉拉山風景特定區)


Posted Date:2008-12-10


The former name of the Lala Mountain was Daguan Mountain. In 1973, a professor of Culture University discovered here a wide expanse of red cypress divine trees whose view is similar to that of the divine trees in Ali Mountain. The name of Lala Mountain has spread since then, and the mountain has attracted many tourists from various areas.
In 1986, the government formally established a nature protection zone in Daguan Mountain. The scope of the nature protection zone covers the mountain areas near Balin on the Northern Cross-Island Highway. In addition to cloud-reaching red cypress trees, the Taiwan yellow cypress trees in the zone there are also color-changing trees such as green maple trees and beech trees. In autumn when the weather turns cool, green leaves change into red, thus rendering the view even more poetic.
To facilitate tourists, the forestry bureau has built a footpath for viewing landscapes. After entering the recreation zone, walk along the trail. You can see giant red cypress trees whose ages range from 500 years to 3,000 years. Among them are five giant trees about 2,800 years-old.


Opening Hours No specific time limit, the provisions by the competent authority


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