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Zhuwei Fishing Harbor(竹圍漁港)


Popularity: 26.2k


On the rainbow bridge, watch airplanes taking off and landing as well as fish boats entering the harbor.

Let the restaurants in the neighborhood cook your fresh catch and enjoy the freshness instantly.

Super low prices for super fresh sea food.

Fishing harbor music festival — a music party with popular singers getting high with you.


Zhuwei Fishing Harbor is a fishing port with recreational function in northern Taoyuan; its beautiful scenery also attracted the crew of the TV drama, “PS Man” to shoot here. There is a rainbow bridge at the northern entry of Zhuwei Fishing Harbor. This Nielson-Lohse steel arch bridge has become a popular landmark, making the fishing port more romantic at night.

Visiting Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, you simply have to feast on seafood. Restaurants with seafood directly delivered from the Port are mostly distributed on the southern bank. On the other side, the fishing association has set up an outlet center. Each booth presents quality dishes and skilled cooking. With reasonable prices, seafood lovers should never miss this place!

On the southern side of Zhuwei Fishing Harbor is the office building of the fishing association. It has a 360-degree revolving restaurant right next to the beach, where visitors can feast on gourmet food while enjoying the fishing harbor and the stunning sunset.





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