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Mos Motel(3 Star)


Posted Date:2008-12-10

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Earning your eternal love
The Mos Motel had its grand reopening in November of 2007. Located under the Neili interchange, "Exquisite craftsmanship, inspiring deep-felt gratitude, and earning your eternal love" was the vision that influenced the hotel's construction. The hotel was constructed to the highest specifications inside and out, with the sole goal of allowing lovers to experience the outer limits of romantic bliss.

The construction of the MOS Motel was based on a careful study of dozens of other advanced motels, and incorporates the company's rich motel management experience. The essence of this experience and diligent efforts helped create a luxury motel whose craftsmanship will inspire your heart-felt gratitude.
The motel has a total of 38 different themed rooms, where guests can relax and gaze up at the heavens. Special audio-visual equipment and skylights allow guests to become one with nature and the heavens. Facilities include: luxurious whirlpools, milk pools,gold rain spa, steam room, fantasy area, water fun area, anti-spy equipment, VOD, DVD, KTV, Wii, art decorations, top-quality furniture and bedding...everything you could possibly desire.Towering, open, and imposing, the MOS Motel gives guests a dreamlike, poetic experience that will leave them breathless.

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