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Seven Star Motel (Gold Medal Award)(2 Star)


Posted Date:2008-12-10

Popularity: 5109

The Seven Star motel strives to provide "7-star" accommodations and "7-heart" service. The Motel won a Gold Medal Award immediately after opening, and is a shining star in Taoyuan's motel world.
The motel's 7-star attitude starts with its high standards: top-quality facilities in each guest room, strict standards of cleanliness, top-notch service quality, authentic food service and complete assurance of guest privacy. In all matters, the guest's needs are the motel's first consideration. The motel's greatly-admired European architecture is gorgeous and exquisitely crafted.
Guests feel as though they were in a beautiful European palace, and they can drive their car right to their door, offering unsurpassed
convenience. Rooms have over-sized whirlpools,spas with high-pressure columns of water,and steam rooms, ensuring that guests can completely relax their body and soul.

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