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Beiheng Outdoor Festival - King of the Wilderness Released


Posted Date:2016-07-25

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Beiheng Outdoor Festival - King of the Wilderness Released - Mayor Cheng: 4 major destinations and 10 wilderness exploration routes awaiting exploration.
While attending the press conference for the 2016 Taoyuan Beiheng Outdoor Festival “King of the Wilderness” at the Taoyuan City Hall on July 5th, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan described that the Beiheng Highway Tour is becoming more and more famous, with summer vacations at the Highway becoming a leading option for youths in Taiwan. The “Beiheng Outdoor Festival” planned by the Taoyuan City Government this summer shall be released from July 16th to 31st. A total of 10 outdoor exploration activities would be planned at 4 major destinations of Cihu, Xiaowulai, Jiaoban Mountain, and Lala Mountain along with great rewards that amount to NT$ 100,000. All young adventurers are welcome to enjoy the vacation and experience the beauty of summer at the Beiheng Highway.
Mayor Cheng described the various themes for the 4 destinations and 10 outdoor exploration activities include: (1) Cihu: Natural Owl Musical, Cihu Picnic at the Summer Meadows, and Night-Time Eco-Study at Back Cihu; (2) Xiaowulai: river tracing of Yunei River, water carnival, and hunter training at the indigenous settlements; (3) Jiaoban Mountain: military tunnel challenges and mountaineering training and exploration; and (4) Lala Mountain: Bungee jumping on Baleng suspension bridge and stargazing at the Beiheng Highway. It is hoped that the diverse selection of fun activities offered for the Beiheng Outdoor Festival will help attract visitors and bring in tourism income for Fuxing District while allowing people to appreciate the best tourist destinations and events in Taoyuan.
Mayor Cheng also reminded everyone 6 out of the 10 major outdoor exploration activities would require pre-registration, namely: Night-Time Eco-Study at Back Cihu, river tracing of Yunei River, hunter training at the indigenous settlements, Jiaoban Mountain mountaineering training and exploration, bungee jumping on Baleng suspension bridge, and stargazing at the Beiheng Highway. Those who are interested should check for the relevant information and register for the events before fully booked.
Director-general Yang Sheng-ping of the Department of Tourism expressed that 20 sets of limited edition “ALL PASS Mission Manual” would start being on sale on the official event website starting on July 6th. Those who purchased the Manual could enjoy free reservations and VIP privileges to the 10 major outdoor exploration events without registration. Intrepid adventurers who complete all the tasks and publish their outdoor experiences every week during the event would stand a chance to become the King of the Wilderness and win awards worth a total of NT$ 100,000. Visitors may participate in the “Top 10 Outdoor Exploration Stamp Collection Activity” during the event. Those who complete the mission first would stand a better chance to win great gifts such as the limited edition Beiheng Accommodation Pass as well Lala Mountain Peaches.