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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Family Park Route is now opened


Posted Date:2016-07-21

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Family Park Route is now opened
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Family Park Route is now opened - Mayor Cheng: Everyone is welcome to take relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation
While attending the “Press Conference for the Launching of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Family Park Route and Taoyuan Shuttle Service Exclusive MV” on July 4th at the Taoyuan City Hall, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the Taoyuan City Government has released the “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Family Park Route” for the summer vacations. The shuttle service will depart from Zhongli Station and take travelers through Laojie River Education Center, Lifestyle Bookstore, Longtan Pond, Window on China Theme Park, Leofoo Village Theme Park and various natural landscapes, local ecologies, and cultural views of Southern Taoyuan, making it perfect for a short and relaxing summer trip.
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service currently includes the 501 Cihu route and 502 Xiaowulai route. The new route opened on July 4th would be the 503 Family Park. Full-priced ticket costs NT$ 100 while half-priced tickets cost NT$ 50. Ticket holders would enjoy unlimited rides with the Shuttle Service on the day of purchase. To support the opening of the new Shuttle Service route, all theme parks, workshops, and shops will also offer corresponding discounts. A number of hotels also offered tickets for guests booking a room at their location. Cihu, Xiaowulai, and Family Park routes offer the most convenient one-day tour package that do not require any pre-planning. Everyone is welcome to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service and enjoy a great summer vacation.
The Temple Parade sweetheart Zeng Tian was invited to create the official Taoyuan Shuttle Service MV titled “Shuttle Clap and Dance MV”. This MV made use of joyful dance and music to convey the message on the wonderful tourist destinations in Taoyuan and the spirit of photography to give every tourist a delightful experience as they explore Taoyuan.
Mayor Cheng said that plans for the second interchange at Longtan for National Highway No. 3 have been finalized and land expropriation will commence next year. The total budget of the project would amount to NT$ 900 million, of which Taoyuan City Government will provide NT$ 310 million. Once completed, the new interchange will make it easier for people to visit Window on China Theme Park as well as Leofoo Village Theme Park.