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Opening Ceremony for the 505 Coastline Tourism Bus


Posted Date:2016-08-25

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Opening Ceremony for the 505 Coastline Tourism Bus - Mayor Cheng: Support low carbon transport and build the brand for coastal tours
While attending the opening ceremony for the 505 coastline tourism bus at the plaza in front of the Department of Cultural Affairs in the afternoon of August 4th, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that tourisms to Xinwu and Guanyin no longer need to drive their own cars and could instead take public transport such as the 501 Cihu Line, 502 Xiaowulai Line, and 503 Family Park Line of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service to support low carbon transport concepts. The 505 Coastline starts from Zhongli bus station and goes through the King’s Spring Bed Cultural Hall, Fan-Jiang Ancient House, Pacific Bicycle Museum, Yong''an Harbor, Baishajia Lighthouse, and Ganquan Temple. Please come experience the low carbon mini-tours along Taoyuan’s beautiful coastlines.
Mayor Cheng highlighted the rich variety of tourist destinations along Taoyuan’s coastlines. The Taoyuan City Government has initiated a Hakka fish harbor makeover program in order to accentuate the Hakka charms of Yong’an Harbor. The abandoned camps around Yong’an Harbor was set aside as “Taoyuan City Youth Experience & Learning Park” to provide youths with outdoor recreational experiences. Meanwhile, plans were also made to set the Taoyuan Agriculture Expo next to Xinwu Weather Station, and pilot exhibitions and operations have been scheduled for next year. The Land Art Festival for 2016 has also been scheduled in Xinwu. Another event where a thousand participants join forces to construct stacked stone ponds was organized to help people learn about the marine cultures. Additionally, the city government also adopted the Guanyin lotus flower as the main theme to submit a proposal titled “Finest Lotuses at Taoyuan Guanyin” for establishing a lotus garden recreational farm in Guanyin District to support the development of recreational agriculture and tourism.
Mayor Cheng mentioned that the Taoyuan City Government has successfully established Taoyuan’s unique brand of tourism with the “Beiheng Outdoor Festival” and the “Hot Air Balloon Carnival of Taoyuan Shihmen.” The opening of the 505 coastline tour bus, along with various tourist events, will help propel the fame of Taoyuan’s coastline tours and encourage the development of coastal tourism industries.
Director-general Kao Pang-Chi of the Department of Transportation expressed that the 505 coastline tour bus runs on an hourly schedule during public holidays from 8 AM to 5 PM. The fare is divided into 4 sections that cost NT$ 18 each. Please visit for more details of the route.