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2016 Taoyuan Zhuwei Water Slide Music Festival


Posted Date:2016-09-20

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2016 Taoyuan Zhuwei Water Slide Music Festival - Mayor Cheng: Take advantage of the final week of Summer Holiday and enjoy the beauty of summer at Zhuwei Rainbow Bridge
Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan visited the opening ceremony of the “2016 Taoyuan Zhuwei Water Slide Music Festival” held at the Zhuwei Harbor Rainbow Bridge on August 27th 2016. Mayor Cheng expressed that a 120-meter water slide has been built next to the Rainbow Bridge to celebrate its formal opening to the public. Many popular singers and artists were also invited to the “High Summer Night” and “Night of Rock and Roll” music parties for the evening. Everyone would be welcomed to take advantage of the last week of the summer holidays to enjoy music and water slides at Zhuwei Harbor and experience a great summer time.
Mayor Cheng expressed that the Rainbow Bridge needs regular maintenance as the Zhuwei Harbor is exposed to strong northeastern monsoons with high salt concentrations that may corrode the bridge materials. Scheduling of maintenance work must also consider operations conducted by the Fishermen’s Association and other fishermen, greatly limiting maintenance schedules and increasing the difficulty involved. The construction team worked hard day and night to ensure that the bridge was completed on time.
Mayor Cheng expressed that the Taoyuan City Government invested NT$ 40 million to provide Rainbow Bridge with a new coating. Maintenance works include removal of rust and repainting of the main bridge, the approach, and ramp, replacement of 7,482 screws and bolts as well as 5 suspension cables for holding the main bridge in order to ensure structural safety. Illumination and sound systems provide the Rainbow Bridge with light sculptures and the ability to sing songs to immerse visitors in the seasonal changes. Since the hinterland of Zhuwei Harbor is relatively open and located close to the Nankan River discharge point, the city government replaced lightning rods and reconstructed the drainage system as well.
Mayor Cheng expressed that the completion of the Rainbow Bridge symbolizes the initiation of the Zhuwei Harbor reconstruction project. This project will last three years and is provided with an estimated budget of NT$ 500 million. The maintenance harbor, which negatively affects local scenery, would be moved to the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) harbor. Dangerous buildings in the vicinity will also be demolished. These measures aim to rebuild Zhuwei Harbor as a Fisherman’s Wharf that belongs to Taoyuan and offer visitors a beautiful harbor bay view upon entering the port area. Taoyuan City Government also made plans to improve the reclaimed lands at the northern side of the Zhuwei Harbor by initiating landscaping projects. A sea dike has also been planned at the southern side to reduce the issues caused by suspended sediments and silt.
Mayor Cheng said that Zhuwei Harbor is the largest yacht marina in northern Taiwan. The city government has continued to develop the recreational fishing and yacht industries, allowing citizens to enjoy ocean-fishing trips and yacht rides. Once the Aerotropolis project has been finalized in the future, fishermen’s residences will also be constructed in the Zhuwei Harbor, allowing fishermen to establish their homes in the area.
Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism expressed that popular entertainers such as Miu Zhu, the dashing Elvis Tian, hip-hop artist Miss Ko, digital group 831, Under Lover, TNT BOX, O.N.E., PA PUN BAND, MISTER MOUTH, and Rusty Rifles have been invited give exciting performances at the “High Summer Night” and “Night of Rock and Roll.” Everyone was welcomed to Zhuwei Harbor and experience wonderful high summer evening with music and delicious seafood. For more event information, please visit the Taoyuan Metropolis or Travel Taoyuan Facebook fan page (
Today’s attendants included legislators Chen Lai Su-Mei and Cheng Yun-Peng, Taoyuan City Councilors Hsu Chi-Wan, Yu Wu-Ho, and Kuo Li-Hua, Deputy Secretary-General Chiu Chun-Ming of Taoyuan City Government, Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism, Director-general Hsieh Chang-Sheng of the Department of Agriculture, and Dayuan District Chief Lu Shui-Tien.