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Taoyuan Souvenir Results Presentation - Mayor Cheng: Promote the best produces from Taoyuan


Posted Date:2016-09-01

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Taoyuan Souvenir Results Presentation - Mayor Cheng: Promote the best produces from Taoyuan to establish the brand of Made in Taoyuan

While attending the Taoyuan Souvenir Results Presentation held at the Taoyuan City Hall in the morning of August 16th, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that a total of nine Taoyuan Souvenir events have been held in the past, and people have identified a number of wonderful gifts and presents. The evaluation process selected 12 food items and 6 non-food items from a total of 121 Made in Taoyuan (MIT) entries. The event was designed to promote the popularity of the goods, build strong brands, and help promote business development in Taoyuan.
Mayor Cheng expressed that the Taoyuan Souvenir selection process can be divided into two stages. The 1st stage would be a two-week voting event starting from July 14th 2016. The 2nd stage would be carried out by a panel of judges composed of experts and professionals. Judgment criteria included quality, design, and packaging, with particular emphasis on connections to Taoyuan and display of local culture or features.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that the Taoyuan City Government has planned two large-scale “Taoyuan Souvenir Exhibitions.” The 1st exhibition will be held in September at Basement two of Taimall shopping center. The 2nd exhibition will be held in October at the Kaohsiung Food Show. From today to September 18th 2016, anyone who spends up to NT$ 300 at contracted shops will receive a lucky draw coupon and have a chance to win 55-inch CHIMEI TV sets, iPhone 6s cellphones, and other great prices. Everyone is welcome to experience the charms of Taoyuan Souvenir and bring some of Taoyuan’s best products home.
Mayor Cheng mentioned that food and products in Japan are always linked with historical stories or local traditions. Cultural festivals and events will also integrate such merchandises to market local features. With the arrival of Mid-Autumn Festival, Taoyuan City Government also hopes that businesses and public agencies can choose Taoyuan Souvenir to market the fine products of the city.
Connoisseur Hu Tian-Lan expressed that the people of Taoyuan are known for their lovable, rustic, and pragmatic approach on things, making Taoyuan a place with “great people, attractions, and things”. She acknowledged the evaluations provided by Taoyuan Souvenir and the Golden Stores, and reaffirmed that winning entries were held to international standards and underwent a series of stringent selection processes.
Mayor Cheng also presented plaques to winning businesses to commend their efforts and encourage them to work harder and achieve new rewards every year. Non-food items that won rewards include: “Shangjia Xiawu Handcrafted Soap” of Daneng Workshop, “Qianxi Jinghua” created by Chintang Pottery, “Lucky Cookie Pack” by Verliebt Creative Workshop, “Floral Dance - Woolen Scarf Gift Box” by CDE Fashion, “Happiness Together Handcrafted Iron Wok” by Armarpot, and “Chic Art Pen” by Lovewood Workshop.
Winners of the food category include: “Three Little Pigs” by Uefafa Hakka Food, “Grandmaster’s Set of Ta Fang Daxi Dried Tofu” by Ta Fang Foods, “Tea Leaves Gift Set” from Daxi Tea Factory, “Fine Selection of Taiwan - Taoyuan Pastry Set” from I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd, “Hsiang Gi Sauce Series - Turmeric Flavored Shrimp Paste” from Hsiang Gi, “Xiucai’s Red Tea Gift Set” from Shuanglin Tea House, “Taoyuan Souvenir - Double Joy C” from Heng Ding Foods, “Miracle of Taoyuan - Delicious Range Chicken” by Jumbo Chicken, “EK - Golden Pickles” by EK Stores, “Rejuvenating Fish Scale Collagen Gel” from Xinlan restaurant, “Imperial Rice Dumpling” by K&K Foods Ltd., and “Green Peas - Assorted Rice Crackers” of Beans Group Foods Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Attendants to today’s event included Taoyuan City Councilors Lin Zheng-Xian, Lin Li-Ling, Qiu Su-Fen, and Chen Mei-Mei, Director-general Chu Sung-Wei of the Department of Economic Development, Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism, Director-general Xia Jin-Xsing of the Department of Sports, Taoyuan District Chief Zhang Shi-Wei, Chairperson Chen Zhao-Yi of the Taoyuan City Souvenir Association, and fine food connoisseur Hu Tian-Lan.