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Switching on the Gloria Outlets Christmas Village Theme


Posted Date:2016-12-02

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Switching on the Gloria Outlets Christmas Village Theme - Mayor Cheng: Offering a Christmas atmosphere and warmest blessings to encourage people to shop at Taoyuan
Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan attended the “Gloria Outlets Christmas Village Lighting Ceremony” at Zhongli District Gloria Outlets Plaza in the evening of November 16th 2016 and expressed that this was the first Christmas lighting ceremony held in Taoyuan. Snow makers were all set to provide Taoyuan with the first snow shower, giving Gloria Outlets a warm atmosphere of happiness as well as creating the perfect destination for couples, parents and children, and families to shop and walk. Phase 2 sections of the Gloria Outlets will soon be opened to the public, and the entire plaza is expected to become a major shopping area in Taoyuan for both locals and outsiders.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that the great success that Gloria Outlets has created and reminded everyone that Phase 2 sections will be opened on December 22nd 2016, offering about 200 brands, including some of the most famous international brands to provide the most comprehensive selections. Average discount is 35% or more, making it perfect for the customers. About 90% of shoppers at Gloria Outlets are local residents, while 10% are international tourists. Once the Airport Access MRT is opened to the public, the proportions of international shoppers are expected to increase to 30%, promoting urban consumption and creating economic growth in Taoyuan.
Mayor Cheng said that Gloria Outlets is close to the airport which is right next to the Taiwan High Speed Rail System and the Airport Access MRT A18 HSR Station. The MRT station will furnish a sky bridge to connect with the shopping plaza. Trips from A18 Taoyuan HSR Station to Taoyuan Airport or to Zhongli will only take about 10 minutes, making it one of the most convenient places to visit. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has scheduled the formal opening of the Airport Access MRT in February to March 2017. MOTC is also carrying out intensive testing, with the Taoyuan Metro Corporation providing dedicated support to ensure that all preparations have been completed before opening the MRT system to commuters.
Mayor Cheng also said that the Qingpu area of Zhongli is undergoing rapid development. Taoyuan City Government will be establishing an Aerotropolis Exhibit Center, Taoyuan City Arts Museum, Hengshan Calligraphy Park and Calligraphy Museum in the region. The “Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center” will also be formally established in Qingpu, working with both central and local governments to establish Qingpu as a smart city to improve daily conveniences in the local region as well as areas surrounded the airport.
Mayor Cheng mentioned that Gloria Outlets would be working with Taoyuan City Government to provide a 5% discount on food for Taoyuan residents by simply holding the Taoyuan Citizen Card while visiting the “Taoyuan’s Merry Christmas Village.” Visitors are also welcomed to try their luck on lucky draws by tag themselves on the Facebook.
Attendants to the evening event included Director-general Chu Sung-Wei of the Department of Economic Development, Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism, Taoyuan Metro Corporation Board Chairperson Liu Kun-I, General Manager Hsu Yu-Ming of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co. Ltd., Zhongli District Chief Lin Hsiang-Mei, and Chairman Chen Tian-Kuei of Gloria Hotel Group.