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2016 KHS Lala Mountain Duathlon Challenge


Posted Date:2016-11-08

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 2016 KHS Lala Mountain Duathlon Challenge - Discover the Taoyuan Sanctuary (Bicycle Race) - Mayor Cheng: An intensive and scenic 50-km track from Daxi to Shangbaling

While attending the “2016 KHS Lala Mountain Duathlon Challenge - Discover the Taoyuan Sanctuary (Bicycle Race)” at Chiang Ching-kuo Memorial Hall in Daxi District during the morning of October 29th 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the “2016 KHS Lala Mountain Duathlon Challenge” is a two-day event. The cycling event on the first day (October 29th) started from the Daxi Tourist Center, going along the Northern Cross-Island Highway, and ended at Shangbaling parking lot for a total length of 50 kilometers. A total of 420 athletes have faced the challenge posed by the steep slopes. The second day (October 30th 2016) would be half-marathon that takes the athletes through the hidden sanctuary of Lala Mountain, starting from Baling Bridge and ending at Mingchih Forest Recreation Area located along Northern Cross-Island Highway. This Area is Taiwan’s only cypress grove in the cloud forest zone. The routes offer spectacular sceneries. All participating athletes were also reminded to stay vigilant for personal safety as they enjoy these athletic and scenic journeys.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that Lala Mountain of Fuxing District offers peaches in summer as well as persimmons famed for their delicate skin, crispy texture, and sweetness during the autumn. An “Autumn Night evening festival” will be held at the Shangbaling parking area, which would be the first sweet persimmon harvest season held throughout Taiwan. The celebration includes dancing and singing performances offered by the indigenous peoples, engaging competitions, and other activities. Athletes and local residents are all welcomed to celebrate the sweet persimmon harvest. To provide visitors with rich and impressive experiences of Atayal culture, a series of DIY experiences and wild boar spearing have been arranged starting from the afternoon on October 29th.

Event attendants included Taoyuan City Councilor Chen Chih-Wen, Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-Teh, Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism, Daxi District Chief Huang Rui-Song, and Fuxing District Chief Tseng Chih-Hsiang.