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2016 National Mascot PK and Online Voting - Mayor Cheng: All citizens to support Tao and Yuango


Posted Date:2016-10-11

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While hosting the municipal administration meeting of September 21st 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan urged to vote for Tao and Yuango, the City’s mascots, for the “2016 National Mascot PK and Online Voting.” Mayor Cheng expressed that the Mascot PK and Online Voting event was scheduled from September 11th to October 16th. Actual events and online voting will be used to identify the mascots that best represent Taiwan. Although Tao and Yuango are less than one year old, they became increasingly popular and worked tirelessly helped to market the “2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival” while serving as tour ambassadors of the “2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival.” The crucial moment for online voting is approaching, so every citizen of Taoyuan is encouraged to go online and vote for Tao and Yuango from September 21st to October 4th 2016. Everyone is allowed to vote once per day.
Mayor Cheng said that the “2016 National Mascot PK and Online Voting” event organized by Kaohsiung is divided into “Model Public Servants” with 22 teams and 39 mascots and “Corporate Warriors” with 10 teams and 18 mascots for a total of 32 teams and 57 mascots. Tao and Yuango participated in the “Model Public Servants” category with other contenders that included Bravo the Bear of the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, MiaoliMeow the Cat of Miaoli County Government, and HERO the bear of Kaohsiung City Government.
Mayor Cheng mentioned that the Mascot PK would be divided into physical activities and online voting. Physical activities include the “Mascot Parade” was held in Kaohsiung on October 1st 2016, which would determine 60% of the points. Tao and Yuango would be providing a passionate dance performance titled Giving You Wings with CI BEAUTIES from China Airlines. People attending the parade will also enjoy products from tourism factories in Taoyuan that include Coca-Cola and 77 Nougat Chocolates. The online voting was scheduled from September 12th to October 4th and make up 40% of the total points. Voters can cast their support to their favorite mascot through the cellphone so all Taoyuan citizens are encouraged to mobilize their relatives, students, and colleagues to support Tao and Yuango. Voters also stand to win prices from a grand raffle.
Mayor Cheng said that Tao is a Hakka girl and a student of traditional cultures who happened to be shaped like a Lala Mountain peach. Before going on her official business trip to conquer hearts in Kaohsiung, designer Hsu Chien-Shun also provided Tao with a cute school bag. Yuango, on the other hand, is an avid baseball fan and supporter of the Taoyuan Lamigo Monkeys. Although both Tao and Yuango are relatively new mascots, they have earned plenty of experiences working with many renowned mascots from around the world that include Kumamon of Kumamoto Prefecture, CHI-BA+KUN of Chiba Prefecture, and Jibanyan of Yo-kai Watch from Japan as well as Mickey and Minnie of Disney from the United States.
Mayor Cheng said that as the mascots of Taoyuan City, Tao and Yuango not only helped market various events hosted by Taoyuan, they even managed to break many historical records that made the “2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival” a legendary success. Tao and Yuango are also hard at work with Taoyuan City Government employees in promoting and providing guidance for the “2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival” in order to improve the visibility of Taoyuan City. Such efforts have successfully improved their popularity.
Mayor Cheng said that the city government has made plans to establish codes and specifications for using the city’s mascots as well as registration and copyright laws for mascots and trademarks. Comprehensive legal protection and standards will allow government agencies, companies, trademarks, public organizations and NGOs to apply for graphical and physical depictions of the mascots. Such measures will help promote the public interest and value of Tao and Yuango while ensuring proper management.
Director-General Chang Tun-Han of the Department of Public Information expressed that the “2016 National Mascot PK and Online Voting” event was formally initiated in September 12th 2016. Online voting will be concluded on October 4th.