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Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)


Posted Date:2016-03-30

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Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain) - Mayor Cheng: 8 traveling routes to experience the beauty of Atayal mountain settlements, and their lifestyle and fine cuisine.  
While attending the “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain) - Marketing and Promotional Press Conference of Aborigine Settlement Tour” on March 14th, Mayor Cheng said that easy travel means a trip for mind releasing and physical relaxing. . It took only one day to make a round trip to green woods to touch the wide nature closely and seek sanctuary from hectic urban lifestyle. This year, a total of 8 new routes were planned for “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)”.
Through a one day or a two days trip, easy travel in different routes could make people know more about Atayal tribe, and also let backpackers experience the natural ecologies, indigenous lifestyle and fine cuisine of Atayal culture.
Mayor Cheng described that the name of “Lala Mountain” as “R’ra” in the native tongue means to “stand on your tip-toes to achieve a further gaze,” which was a vivid description of the height of the mountains and its wondrous views. R’ra Mountains (Lala Mountain), blessed with sacred tree cluster and peach orchards, is now a renowned tourist attraction. The Taoyuan City Government Department of Indigenous Affairs and Department of Tourism jointly released the “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)” program that offered novel trip packages for appreciating natural ecologies, beauteous natural landscapes, culture, and cuisine of Atayal settlements.
Mayor Cheng described the 8 traveling routes designed for the 2016 “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)”, of which 5 were 1-day excursions that include “Organic Tour of Traditional Atayal Culture (Ksunu Settlement)”, “Waterfront and Atayal Gourmet Tour (Qus Settlement)”, “Atayal Recreational and Cultural Tour (Cyasi Settlement)”, “Atayal Lubuw Cultural Tour (Rahaw Settlement)”, and “Atayal Hunting and Cultural Tour (Kauiran Settlement)”. There were also three 2-day excursions, namely: “Cherry Blossom and Peach Harvesting Tour (Cyasi, Gogan, and Hagay settlements)”, “Atayal Cultural and Ecology Tour with sacred trees of Lala Mountain (Kauiran settlement)”, and “Luoma Holiday Tour in Atayal (Rahaw and Kasunu settlements).”
Mayor Cheng mentioned that plenty of people liked to go to Japan to watch cherry blossom and maple grove. Actually, at Fuxing District of Taoyuan, people could also see the valley flooded with cherry blossom and maple grove. Through the beautiful sceneries altered in four seasons, people could view another aspect of Taiwan.
Mayor Cheng also described the origins of the “Luoma Holiday Tour in Atayal”. This tour starts from Luofu (synonymous with Luo) of Fuxing District and ends at the Mautu (synonymous with Ma) Forest in Guanxi of Hsinchu County, leading to the name of “Luoma Expressway”. This is a new tour with many novel destinations, and is aimed at letting visitors appreciate the beautiful cultures and landscapes offered on the other side of Shihmen Reservoir.
Mayor Cheng emphasized that the 8 routes offered in the “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)” have been carefully selected. Visitors from across Taiwan going on these routes will gain better contact and understanding of the Atayal people. Tour guides and volunteers will also provide detailed descriptions to enhance the cultural depths of these tours.
Mayor Cheng described the popularity of “Easy Travel at R’ra (Lala Mountain)” program amongst youths in the Greater Taipei Region. The packages offered are well-known online with tickets sold out quickly once released. For 2016, the 1-day excursions were priced at NT$ 950 while 2-day excursions come at NT$ 3,150. Visitors may embark on their tours from the 3 train stations of Taipei, Taoyuan, and Zhongli. Reservations can now be made starting today by dialing the telephone hotline (03-494-7099) or going online (