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"Take the Taoyuan Airport MRT, Enjoy Your Tour in Taoyuan" Pre-event press conference for Hong Kong


Posted Date:2017-05-22

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"Take the Taoyuan Airport MRT, Enjoy Your Tour in Taoyuan" Pre-event press conference for Hong Kong tourism promotion meeting- Mayor Cheng: Provide 3 major value-adding bonus packages of Taoyuan to attract tourists from Hong Kong
When attending the “Take the Taoyuan Airport MRT, Enjoy Your Tour in Taoyuan” Pre-event press conference for Hong Kong tourism promotion meeting held at the Taoyuan City Government Building on May 15 2017, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that Taoyuan merely gave exhibits during the International Travel Expo Hong Kong (ITE Hong Kong) in the past. For 2017, the Taoyuan City Government will provide a promotion meeting instead. A delegation of representatives from the Taoyuan City Government and over 30 tourism companies will head to Hong Kong from May 22 to 24 2017 to provide the promotion meeting at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Hong Kong on May 23 2017. Tao and Yuango, mascots of Taoyuan City, will also act as spokespersons for the delegation and promote tourism in Taiwan. The aim of this mode of action is to help boost Taoyuan’s overall attractiveness and tourism potential.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that Taoyuan as a city of rich diversity, is a worth-visiting place with mountains, seas, tourism factories, leisure farms, delicacies, and diverse culture. Taoyuan possesses a 1-hour close distance to both the mountain line and the sea line, making it the perfect place for a 2-day 1-night trip for visitors from across the world.
While a lot of people enjoy traveling and shopping in Hong Kong, Mayor Cheng said that it is now Taoyuan’s turn to invite visitors from Hong Kong. To encourage tourists from Hong Kong to visit Taoyuan, the promotion meeting will release 3 major value-added discount offers. The first is a 2-day 1-night self-guided tour package inclusive of plane ticket and hotel room for a minimum of HK$ 1,290 (which is about 40% discount of standard market prices). The second is incorporation of packages featuring in-depth mini-tours of the region and quality accommodations as well as discounts for the room and other expenses. The third is a Taoyuan surprise package worth NT$ 588 for the first 1,000 visitors who sign up for the plane ticket and hotel room discount package. The surprise package includes 1-day memorial ticket for the Taoyuan Airport MRT (or EasyCard), a 1-day pass for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service Cihu Line and limited edition souvenir, and participation in a lucky draw for free plane tickets between Hong Kong and Taiwan (with 4 possible winners) and accommodations.
Mayor Cheng hoped that this joint effort with China Airlines, Taoyuan Metro Corporation, and tourism companies will help enhance Taoyuan''s reputation in Hong Kong as a tourist destination and attract more tourists from Hong Kong in the future. For visitors from Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and other locations, the TYCG will continue to adopt similar models to promote the City as a tourist destination.
Director-General Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism expressed that to avoid over-reliance on a single market, the TYCG has taken a proactive approach to reinvigorate the tourism industry, integrate resources, and organize tourism resources promotion meetings in overseas locations. The aim is to create more opportunities for tourism companies in Taoyuan, promote tours in Taoyuan, and improve Taiwan’s visibility in the international tourism market while building an exchange platform for businesses from around the world.