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Mayor Cheng: Actively help high quality corporations turn into tourist factories and promote the diverse features of industries in Taoyuan


Posted Date:2017-06-01

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As the chairman of the municipal administrative meeting held this morning (24), Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan listened to the report on the special topic “Taoyuan City Tourist Factory Instruction and Development Program” by Department of Economic Development and stated tourist factories were specific features in Taoyuan. From 2014 to 2017, the number of tourist factories and industry culture museums increases from 22 to 27. Department of Economic Develop is requested to establish an instruction team to help 12 excellent corporations with potential, instruct high quality corporations to turn into tourist factories, and help existing tourist factories keep improving and acquire the license of international premium spots so that more tourists can experience and know the diverse features of industries in Taoyuan.
Mayor Cheng states the establishment of the tourist factory instruction team will help excellent corporations with potential acquire the license of tourist factories. Corporations interested in the license are invited to discuss in related seminar; resources from Department of Economic Development, Department of Tourism, Department of Agriculture, Department of Public Health, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Cultural Affairs, and Department of Transportation are combined to actively promote the route planning of tourist bus, horizontal alliances and marketing, community trips, and environmental education; tourist factories are encouraged to join in exhibitions and international seminar for promoting the management of corporations. For existing tourist factories, Department of Economic Development keeps instructing them to upgrade gradually and acquire licenses of excellent tourist factories and international premium spots.
Department of Economic Development chief Zhu Song-Wei states industry tourism was introduced to Taoyuan since 2009. Tourist factories have entered the development stage and stepped forward to internationalization. Department of Economic Development promotes 4 strategies such as promotion and instruction of factory tourism, branding of tourist factories, integrated marketing of industry tourism, and horizontal alliances of tourist resources. First, as for promotion and instruction of factory tourism, single contact window is set up to instruct factories with potential to acquire licenses of tourist factories and environmental education. For example, Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland and Konig Foods have acquired the license of excellent tourist factories. Specialists and scholars are entrusted to conduct business diagnosis for factories with potential such as Les Enphants and Daxi Tea Factory.
Second, as for branding of tourist factories, we promote branding activities, set up traffic signs, and instruct tourist factories to join in the selection of excellent corporations and become international premium spots. For example, Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland and O’right Green Headquarters were recognized in the 10th Selection of Taoyuan Excellent Corporations in 2016.
Third, as for integrated marketing of industry tourism, we help corporations set up the “Taoyuan Tourist Factories Development Association” and hold activities with the theme of tourist factories. In the “2016 Taoyuan Shopping Festival,” tourist factories were included in the routes of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. Guides of tourist factories are printed as citizens’ reference. Corporations are encouraged to increase their visibility in each exhibition.
Fourth, as for horizontal alliances of tourist resources, we promote the horizontal alliances of industrial tourism, introduce special projects with tourism agents, and arrange tourism agents and media groups. There have been 20 domestic and foreign tourism agents and media groups. These groups will serve as the seeds which will introduce the beauty of tourist factories in Taoyuan to more people. Meanwhile, they will lead tourist activities and experiences for tourists.
Chief Zhu states there are tourist factories in all 8 districts in Taoyuan District. 2 new tourist factories and 4 new industry culture museums are set up in the past 2 years. There are totally 27 tourist factories and industry culture museums, and 2 tourist factories have acquired the license of environmental education institutions. The figure is top 1 in Taiwan. There are 3 tourist factories with the license of international premium spots. Besides inviting artists to create works in tourist factories and planning family trips in the future, we will also instruct factories with potential features, such as the following 12 corporations willing to turn into tourist factories: Yamaiji Umberlla MFG, Simbalion, Shou Xin Fang, Super Dragon Technology, Liberty Stationery Corp., Gian-Shuo, Grape King Bio, Chung Hsian Foods, Hop Lion Feather Works Corp., Jujube, Lung Ching Food, and Good Young. The goal is to reach 40 tourist factories and industry culture museums in 3 years.