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Join us in exploring Taoyuan attractions by Taoyuan Airport MRT


Posted Date:2017-02-09

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Join us in exploring Taoyuan attractions by Taoyuan Airport MRT
The Taoyuan Airport MRT that everyone was excited about is finally operating! It will bring tourists to local attractions in Taoyuan, where you can have fun and enjoy delicious food.
Next to Shanbi MRT Station (A10), there is a Dexin Hall, built in the traditional architecture style of southern Fujian. It is regarded as a historic site in Taoyuan City because of its complete preservation of the building. Coming here, not only can you see the beauty of the southern Fujian architecture but you also get to experience what life was like before. Next stop will be Luzhu Kengkuo Painted Village near Kengkuo MRT Station (A11). The whole village was painted by the villagers. Paintings on the wall and fences surround the topics of rural scenery and cartoon characters. It is really fun that you cannot help but take pictures with these interesting paintings in the village.
 As for lunch, you can go to the Zhupu Tea Garden Leisure Farm. The owners of the farm used ecological engineering methods to turn rice fields into rehabilitation sites for eco-fish and wetland plants. Through the local guided tour, you will get to know the names of every tree and creature in this nature classroom. Also, you can enjoy the fun activity of making pizza in a wood-burning oven while experiencing the serenity of the mountains.
After eating and drinking, you can go to the nearby Xingnan MRT Station (A20) to look at sheep and experience the fun of feeding them. Finally, don't forget to visit Daifudi (the doctor’s house), which is a 300- to 400-year old ancient architecture of the Anhui Province. The original owner sent materials from thousands of miles away to Taiwan to assemble. The beauty that connects East and West will amaze you when you drink western coffee in this ancient Chinese style building.