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Taoyuan's premier online travel platform allows you to “choose and order online, making travel in Taoyuan easy.”


Posted Date:2017-03-20

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Taoyuan's premier online travel platform allows you to “choose and order online, making travel in Taoyuan easy.”
Taoyuan has abundant tourist resources, including beautiful natural scenery, specialty foods, history and ethnic cultures. Other than famous attractions, there are also local attractions full of rich stories. Therefore, Taoyuan City Government planned and designed an online travel service "Fun Taoyuan," allowing tourists to book in advance with different festivals and activities in every season. Tourists can choose and order online, which makes travel in Taoyuan very easy!
Taoyuan is the FIRST city to have an online travel service platform!
  "Fun Taoyuan" is developed by Department of Tourism, Taoyuan City Government and local online travel agencies. Different from the general tourist platform, this platform is organized by the government, which is the very first time in Taiwan. With integrated tourism information, online trip booking, payment and customer service, this travel service platform provides a complete travel service for customers. In addition, with different festivals and activities in every season, people can book exclusive, in-depth mini-tours or a variety of unique tours online. This platform makes it easier for people to book their trips to Taoyuan.
Fun carefully-selected seasonal tours with local tourist experts.
"Fun Taoyuan" is a cooperative effort among local associations, communities, local groups and tourist resources. Community experts (qualified guides, tour guides and coaches, etc.) also provide local in-depth attractions and exclusive trips. In addition, every seasonal tour will be evaluated and reviewed by experts and scholars. After necessary adjustments, the tours will be put online for sale. The good tours from previous sales will also be continued after reviewing their market value. In order to ensure the quality of tours, the tours are led by professional guides. People can order tours online easily and their needs of taking the time to explore attractions in depth can be satisfied as well.
With 24-hour online booking, touring Taoyuan is easier than ever!
In order to make it easier for people to register, "Fun Taoyuan" has simplified the registration procedure to only five steps: dates, number of people, instant booking, personal information (for insurance purposes), and payment. Without the restriction of time and location, you can look up the latest popular tours and travel strategies, and book the tours at any time. Besides the first season tours, we will continue to launch exclusive special tours throughout the year. We plan to launch at least five exclusive special tours every season that the public can register for online. For dates and other details, please visit the "Fun Taoyuan" webpage: