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A new page for traveling in Taoyuan easily


Posted Date:2017-07-25

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A new page for traveling in Taoyuan easily
Improved in 20 languages for foreign tourists
TAOYUAN TRAVEL website has been upgraded with Responsive Web Design (RWD) that accommodates any devices quickly without switching the interfaces. Moreover, Google Neural Machine Translation System helps translate 20 languages ranging from Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Pilipino to Arabic, Russian, and Spanish. Anyone can find information about Taoyuan in his own language via any browser without knowing Chinese.
High page views on TAOYUAN TRAVEL
According to SEO analyses, the sights and events sourced from TAOYUAN TRAVEL website are listed in top 3 from the search engines (Google) in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao. The evidence shows that the tourists use it when looking for information about Taoyuan. If we compare the page views from last year, the numbers had tripled first half year and 82% viewers were mobile users during long holidays. Also, RWD technique embedded in the website will help improve users’ experiences.
Location positioning as personal maps  
If anyone wants to know more about Xiao Wulai Skywalk, Zhuwei Fish Harbor, Daxi Old Street, Shihmen Reservoir, Tourism Factory, Cihu or Longtan Lake …etc, TAOYUAN TRAVEL website offers the best guide. There are Shops & Stores, Accommodation List, and Event Calendar for your reference. The interactive Location Based Service (LBS) shows the surrounding attractions for the users automatically. All makes traveling in Taoyuan easy.