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A trail that connects nature and culture


Posted Date:2017-09-16

Popularity: 1898

A trail that connects nature and culture
Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City government constructed an elevator tower and a trail along the Dahan River bank on the west of Daxizhongzheng Park to make Daxi Old Town more active. A Tang Dynasty style gazebo was built in the Round Plaza to restore the old wrestling field. Daxi carpenters’ delicate skills and the beautiful terrain of Dahan River may be appreciated at the same time.
The trail was designed after a theme “Live Slowly” and included elements from unique sceneries in Daxi. The north of the trail is the Sailboat Plaza on Heping Old Street and the south is the river bank cliff to the temple plaza. There is a cantilevered platform at the best viewpoint for you to enjoy the fluvial terraces of Dahan River. The trail length is 450 meters and connects Heping Old Street, Zhongshan Old Street and Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum. Standing on the bridge, you may observe the outstanding rocks under the beautiful sunset in the Dahan River.
To optimize the space usage of Daxizhongzheng Park, Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City worked with Chinese Taipei Sumo Federation for restoring the old wrestling field. The federation invited DAIKIN Inc. to donate an outdoor sumo field in the park. After two meetings with Daxi representatives, a sumo wrestling field was constructed with concepts of sumo disciplines: upright mind, outstanding skills, and a indomitable body. In consultation with Daxi carpenters, the gazebo used solid cypress wood and is supported by square columns. The compass roof was built by joggle joints so no steel nails reveal. Covered by copper tiles, the Tang Dynasty style gazebo brings the Daxi Old Street out.