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TAOYUAN TRAVEL includes all the updated news in one


Posted Date:2017-09-28

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TAOYUAN TRAVEL includes all the updated news in one
5 new topics updated for Taoyuan Travel
Want some gourmets that you can’t find in any other city? What to do in different seasons? It is not difficult to have fun! TAOYUAN TRAVEL website has presented
“Taoyuan in Four Seasons”, “Gourmet”, “Travel Guide”, “Travel Tips”, and the “Audio Guide”. With your mobile in hand, you will get all the practical information without searching hard through the books.
The Travel Guide provides the must-do-and-eat insights
“Taoyuan in Four Seasons” collects all the local cultural events and seasonal activities for you; “Gourmet” recommends where to get delicious local food; “Travel Guide” provides you a quick search for accommodations and transportations; and “Travel Tips” have basic information for foreign travelers.
Multilingual audio guides help in-depth interpretation
The audio guides include The Jiangs Cultural Park, Jiaobanshan Residence, Cihu, Houcihu, Cihu Mausoleum and Daxi Old Street in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. There is also an audio guide for children in Chinese. You may listen to the stories anytime and anywhere according to your needs.