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2018 Taoyuan Lantern Festival


Posted Date:2018-01-24

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 Taoyuan Mayor, Cheng Wen-Tsan, attended the press conference, “2018 Taoyuan Lantern Festival- Prosperous Taoyuan Celebrating the Harvest Year by Riverside,” at the Taoyuan City Government Building on January 24. Mayor Cheng stated that this year is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac; the design of the handheld lantern, named “lovable dog,” was inspired by the quarantine detector dog at the Taoyuan airport, beagle. The lantern that is adorable and exerts a healing effect will not only be distributed at 4 main themed areas at “2018 Taoyuan Lantern Festival,” but also be distributed to the citizens through neighborhood communities, with a hope of bringing prosperity and fortune in the Year of Dog and making the development of Taoyuan get better and better.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that “2018 Taoyuan Lantern Festival” will take place for 12 days in total from February 21 to March 4 (Chinese Lunar Date: January 6-17). The coast of Nankan River is estimated 8 km in length. The 4 main themed areas were designed with the feature of Snoopy. They are Guishan Area, at the New Moon Bridge, Main Area at Sanmin Sports Park, Shuibiantou Area at the Shuibiantou Bridge, and Luzhu Area at the Ju-Mon Bridge. This year, the event will be held in advance on January 6, the Chinese Lunar date in order for the citizens and visitors to appreciate the lantern more conveniently.

Mayor Cheng said that after Taoyuan was upgraded, the city government has built 4 bridges at Nankan River, that is, Xinchun Bridge (originally was named Nantong Bridge), Shuibiantou Bridge, Ju-Mon Bridge, and Nankan Bridge. This year, Impression Bridge will soon be constructed as well, which will link both banks of Nankan River. Under Shuibiantou Bridge, a layer of gravel that can filter polluted water and a small sized river weir will also be built. In the future, the citizens can row a boat under the Shuibiantou Bridge. Besides, a green area from Guishan to Luzhu with a total length around 22 km will be built, along with renovating trails and night lighting. We hope people can see the result of restoring Nankan River with the image of “celebrating the harvest year by the riverside” popping up in mind. People can ramble around the Nankan River at night and get close to the river to see a different look of Nankan River. 

Yang Sheng-ping, the director of Department of Tourism, stated that the handheld lantern for the Taoyuan Lantern festival appealed to the Year of Dog, which was inspired by the quarantine detector dog at the Taoyuan airport, beagle. There is a gold medal with the Taoyuan City's emblem in front of the chest of the lovable dog on the handheld lantern. Also, there are 8 coins on the collar of the dog, which represent wealth and fortune. The tail that rises straight up symbolizes riding a wave of success and having a prospect future. Either a tap on the dog's nose or a touch on the dog's tail will trigger the assembled handheld lantern to interact with people, which exerts a healing effect. During the Taoyuan Lantern Festival, a limited amount of 40,000 lovable dog-shaped handheld lanterns (limit one per person, first come first served) will be distributed free of charge at 4 main themed areas at 5 pm every weekend. Everyone is welcomed to join the event.