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Taoyuan Little Hercules and Mascot Sumo Wrestling Competition


Posted Date:2017-11-22

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Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan went to Daxi Chung-Cheng Park sumo venue and attended the “Taoyuan Little Hercules and Mascot Sumo Wrestling Competition”. Mayor Cheng stated that the Daxi District Chung-Cheng Park was set up in 1909, and the City Government activated the cultural asset and repaired the sumo wrestling venue at Chung-Cheng Park. The sumo booth in round square of park was made up with Taiwan solid cypress wood and was constructed by Daxi's local carpentry mechanic using traditional “mortise and tenon woodworking joints” technique, and the sumo ring was set up in the middle, which has showed the original appearance of Japanese “sumo venue” in old generation. The City Government held “Taoyuan Little Hercules and Mascot Sumo Wrestling Competition”, and 64 pupils coming from first-grade and second-grade of the elementary schools in different areas of Taiwan participated in the competition. The City Government also invited Japanese sister county's mascot to participate in the competition together. Let everyone has better understanding of sumo wrestling in interesting way.


Mayor Cheng pointed out that Japan developed sumo wrestling more than 900 years ago. Sumo wrestling combines strength and wisdom, and it focuses on skill rather than brute force. Sumo wrestlers have more muscle and less fat flesh, and they keep strict discipline and play game only after a long period of training. "2018 World Sumo Tournament" will be held at Taoyuan City Stadium next July (2018). It is estimated that sumo wrestlers from 50 countries will participate in the competition to let more people know about the charm and characteristics of sumo wrestling.


Mayor Cheng said that the "Taoyuan Little Hercules and Mascot Sumo Wrestling Competition" invited the mascots "Chiba-kun" of Chiba Prefecture, Japan, " Unari-kun" of Narita City in Chiba Prefecture, "Miyazaki Dog" of Miyazaki Prefecture and "Kind Blue Ghost” of Kagawa Prefecture to compete with the mascots of Taoyuan City, “A-Tao” and “Brother Yuan”, the mascot of the Labor Bureau, ”Labor Deer”, the mascot of the Hakka Affairs Bureau, “A-Di” and “A-Mei”, the mascot "Three-Troops Doll" of the Northern District of Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces, the mascot " Leopard Cat Daddy of Leopard Cat Family" of 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, the mascot "Daikin Baby" of Hotaidev, the mascot "Monkey Kid" of Lamigo Monkeys Team, the mascot "Ciao-Di & Ke-Di” of Hongya Food Republic of Chocolate and the mascot "An-an" of Baan International. In addition, 64 pupils coming from first-grade and second-grade of the elementary schools in different areas of Taiwan have participated in the " Little Hercules Sumo Wrestling Competition" and learned calm in sumo's strength, wisdom and skills.


Mayor Cheng mentioned that there were guild hall, Daxi shrine and sumo venue at Chung-Cheng Park of Daxi in the past. Nowadays, the guild hall has developed into the Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum. The sumo court was made up with Taiwan's solid cypress wood and constructed by Daxi's local carpentry mechanic using traditional “mortise and tenon woodworking joints” technique without using any nail. The “sumo ring” was set up in the center, and salt should be sprinkled around before use. On one hand, it is for blessing; on the other hand, it is for preventing the players from being infected while getting injured.


Mayor Cheng also said that there is ferry head under the Chung-Cheng Park, where you can see the beautiful scenes including Flying Bridge Lying Wave、Kan-Jin Return Sail. The City Government decided to construct the facilities including cliff path, sumo venue, visitor center, gyro slide, and the cliff path, sumo venue, transparent elevator have been completed, the visitor center is under construction. In addition, the Regulations for the Management of Home Stay Facilities has been amended. In addition to the aboriginal tribes, scenic areas and recreational agricultural areas, B&Bs have also been allowed to set up in historical and cultural areas. The number of rooms has been increased from 5 to 8. In the future, backpackers and young people can live in B&B of old house and hang around in Daxi Old Street, or live in B&B of Yamay and hang around in Yamay Leisure Agriculture Area.