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Mayor Cheng: The “2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” Will Be Officially Open on April 4; Four Major Axes and Five Main Goals Are to Become Taoyuan’s New Highlights


Posted Date:2018-03-14

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Mayor Cheng: The “2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” Will Be Officially Open on April 4; Four Major Axes and Five Main Goals Are to Become Taoyuan’s New Highlights

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan, after listening to the “2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” project report given by the Department of Agriculture when holding the municipal council, stated that the “2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” will be officially open on April 4. The expo will include six major themed areas: local life, diverse culture, smart technology, environmental sustainability, cultural and creative art and featured agriculture and set 25 themed exhibition areas with 56 exhibition highlights, demonstrating 4 major axes of “circular economic,” “green life,” “land art,” and “technological agriculture.” The city government has been planning the Expo for a long time; as there is less than one month left before the opening, Mayor Cheng asked each department to accelerate their working speed and plan for the abundance of software ahead of time to achieve five main goals: “experience economic, smart city, international communication, environmental education and sustainable development.”

Mayor Cheng pointed out that the Taoyuan Agriculture Expo this year (2018) received central government budget, business sponsorship and local support, and that the Yong-an Interchange of Provincial Highway No. 61 was opened to traffic; therefore, he believed that the traffic to the Agriculture Expo base will improve, and citizens were all looking forward to the Agriculture Expo becoming a new highlight of Taoyuan. Mayor Cheng thanked each department of constructing the facilities, planning themed exhibition areas and relative services work; to create an excellent Agriculture Expo, it requires the cooperation of each department.

Kuo, Cheng-Chuan, Director of Department of Agriculture, expressed that the “2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” will be held in Xinwu from April 4 to May 13. 
The expo will include six major themed areas: featured agriculture, cultural and creative art, environmental sustainability, diverse culture, local life and smart technology and set 25 themed exhibition areas. Among them, the featured agriculture area possesses the highlights of the largest landscape architecture of the shape of colored carp and the first ship-shaped exhibition hall; the cultural and creative art area has three major highlights, namely the creation of international art groups, local community construction and youth participation, and display four works collected from international open calls; environmental sustainability area built a greenhouse with six smart features and eight sensors, a forest classroom providing five-senses experience and a healing garden with edible landscaping.

Director Kuo mentioned that diverse culture area gathers themed displays including Hakka craft, international friendship, cultures from four different countries, the story of Matsu and indigenous housing and sets a food court as well; the local life area is equipped with the nation's first mushroom light movie theater, vertical aquaponics systems, and the rural architecture “Tou-ga House” ; as for smart technology area, there will be green buildings with permanent smart grids and green buildings powered by photoelectric energy, and there will also be a cooperation with the Council of Agriculture to build a demonstrative green house.

Director Kuo also mentioned that there will be a colored carp themed installation symbolizing “bright future” at the entrance of the Expo; along the entrance road, there will be a “paradise of Taoyuan,” which is a scenic flower maze of 1.78 hectares presenting Taoyuan's new agricultural perspective. Meanwhile, it is the first time the autonomous bus will be used as a shuttle inside the Expo park; Director Kuo welcomed everyone to pay a visit.