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Taoyuan’s New Tourist Attraction "Atayal Story Park" - Hot spring fun


Posted Date:2018-01-18

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The Luofu Atayal Story Park was completed and opened in January 2018. The overall design of the Park presents the style and characteristics of the local aboriginal Atayal culture. Meanwhile, the excavation of the first Luofu Hot Spring was just completed and combined with the Park. Its water is diverted to the Park for setting up a public foot bath, which is a milestone in Taoyuan City Government’s development of hot spring tourism in Fuxing District.

Luofu Hot Spring is a spring of sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as a beauty spring. The spring color is creamy white and slightly transparent, odorless and tasteless. Its pH is about 8.6 and the temperature approximately 37°C. After taking the bath, your skin will feel smooth and tender. Luofu Hot Spring is reputed as "the hot spring of all hot springs" because of its rich minerals such as sodium and iron. On the opening day, the spring water that was directly drawn into the foot bath from the hot spring well was slightly turbid. After a few days of continuous extraction and drainage of hot spring water, the turbidity of the water has been greatly improved and its clarity enhanced. At present, its color is what a sodium bicarbonate spring is supposed to have.

In response to the booming trend of health and wellness in recent years, the number of people who are fascinated by hot spring bathing experience, aboriginal meals and activities in mountains and forests continues to rise year by year. Taoyuan City Government develops hot springs in Luofu so that more nature-loving people can explore natural environments. The related tours will become the mainstream of tourism in the future.