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The first homestay in Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Area was established


Posted Date:2018-06-25

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Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Area was planned and established in Daxi District - its first homestay was successfully established

Daxi is rich in tourist resources. Among them, many are popular cultural or natural attractions that lure numberless visitors; they include: Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Area close to Daxi Old Street, Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Lee Teng-Fan's Ancient Residence (a national Grade 2 historic building) and Sanzhu Lake EcoPark, Cihu, Shimen Reservoir, etc. After the Plan of Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Area was announced on May 1, 2018, the homestay "Smiling Time" successfully obtained the registration certificate of homestay facilities, becoming the first homestay in Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Area.

Tasting the “handmade snail-shaped pizza” at the century-old homestay

"Smiling Time" is a revamp of a century-old house. Its converted decoration design combined with the existing age-old structure injects new life into this ancient house. At this homestay, its "handmade snail-shaped pizza", kiln DIY, handmade vanilla vinegar, and hand-crafted daily necessities experience activities allow their guests to bring home brimming memories. "Smiling Time" is also the "Corner Hall" of Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, which provides Daxi local tourism brochures, postcards, and other promotional materials. In additional, tourist information is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Cultural and creative illustrators painted local flowers to decorate homestays in Yuemei Leisure Farm Zone

Taoyuan City currently has five major agriculture leisure areas, each of which has developed its own floral features, including: Guanyin’s lotus, Yuemei’s camellia, Dabeikeng’s lupine flowers, Xihai’s colorful calla lilies and Dagushan’s wild lilies. The Department of Tourism specially invited cultural and creative illustrators to paint artworks to decorate homestays and promote the legal homestays in these agriculture leisure areas.