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Experience the Taoyuan Trip mobile app at Taipei International Travel Fair


Posted Date:2019-11-08

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Consumer preferences have been shifted by the integration of new technologies with travel experience. The 2019 award-winning “Taoyuan Trip” mobile app by Taoyuan City Government has attracted much attention at the Taipei International Travel Fair. Visitors can try out the VR and AR functions of the app and take photos with mascots, A-Tao and Yuan-Ge.

VIVE VR experience of the Xiao Wulai Waterfalls
Xiao Wulai Waterfalls were livestreamed at the travel fair. Visitors can wear VIVE VR headsets and experience the magnificent Xiao Wulai Waterfalls as if they were there. 

Guided tour by A-Tao and Yuan-Ge. Upload a photo together to get a prize.
Visitors can take a photo with A-Tao and Yuan-Ge, share it on their social media, and get one spin of the prize wheel. Hologram interactive kiosks on site allow A-Tao and Yuan-Ge to greet and interact with visitors, and brief visitors on the current events, tourist spots, weather and food in Taoyuan. Visitors can quickly access all the information they need and travel in Taoyuan feeling relaxed.