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2020 Taoyuan City New Year’s Eve Celebration


Posted Date:2019-12-09

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2020 Taoyuan City New Year’s Eve Celebration had the theme of “love and happiness in Taoyuan,” indicating the city’s superior geographical location, beautiful scenery, and the fusion of multiple culture of Minnan, Hakka, indigenous people, and new immigrants; and demonstrating the liveliness and cultural depth of the city. Through this Celebration that embodies hope for the future, visitors from all over Taiwan are invited to share love and happiness in Taoyuan.

K-pop superstars and athletes performed on stage
Pop singers including the K-pop group, Super Junior-K.R.Y., and local athletes showing their “champion pose” performed on stage until the countdown to New Year. Each segment of performance showed Taoyuan City Government’s determination to support local athletes. The final act was performed by a national champion in archery shooting “Cupid’s arrow,” bringing the Celebration to its climax and concluding this event of “love and happiness” in the city of sports and technology.