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English guided talking tours of Daxi Old Street


Posted Date:2019-12-16

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Local residents are in training to become English tour guides
Daxi Old Street is a classic Taoyuan tourist spot, awarded “Taiwan’s top 10 classic small town” by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC. To revitalize Taoyuan’s international tourism, Tourism Bureau of Taoyuan City Government launched the “Daxi Old Street foreign language guided tour program,” inviting local students and residents to participate. The program attracted about 100 passionate participants who received one-month of training in guiding techniques, local culture and history, and made on-site visits to tourist spots. After strict procedures of testing and screening, 10 guides were certified.

Daxi Old Street in-depth tour
The route for the foreign language tour is designed for tourists from abroad. Starting from Daxi Bridge, the guided tour aims to let foreign visitors understand the importance of Dahan River as the origin of Daxi’s history. Following that, visitors will be taken through Daqing Cave, a “Tunnel of Time,” to see the murals, and then the stone-slab footpath to Zhongzheng Park, and finally to Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum. Through activities such as top spinning and wood craft at the Wood Art Ecomuseum, and worshiping at Furen Temple, foreign visitors can see the new and old Daxi Old Street. Finally, the origin story of the famous Daxi cuisine, dried tofu, will be explained. The whole tour takes 2.5 hours.  

More than 300 oversea visitors participated in the tour.
Daxi Old Street English guided tours have attracted more than 300 foreign tourists from more than 20 countries including Indonesia, Germany, the United States, and Canada since its launch. They were backpackers, professionals working in Taiwan, and international exchange students. Three well-known Youtubers have been invited to promote the tour, making Daxi more internationally visible.