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Taoyuan Tourism online platform offers amazing live streaming that attracted more than 600,000 view counts


Posted Date:2019-12-20

Popularity: 794

Imagine if you could see Shihmen Reservoir, Lala Mountain, Xiao Wulai Waterfalls, Luofu Double Bridge, and Daxi Old Street that is always crowded on weekends—right in the comfort of your home? Now you can do this anytime on the Taoyuan Travel official site.

First in the six special municipalities—livestreaming of eight major scenic spots. 40% of viewers come from overseas.
The live camera section of the Taoyuan Travel official site is the first in the six special municipalities of Taiwan. Since its launch, this section attracted more than 600,000 view counts, 35,000 hours of total viewing time, and overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers. Visitors can see high-definition livestream of scenic spots including Daxi Old Street, Shihmen Reservoir, and Xiao Wulai, and find out about the crowd, weather, and traffic in the area. About 40% of viewers come from abroad, including Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, and Brazil. Viewers can also participate in real-time chat in the chatroom.

Foreigner-friendly travel environment. Smart information services are offered to tourists.
The Taoyuan Travel official site offers auto-translated information in twenty languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Livestreaming is combined with weather, in-depth tour information, and recommended itineraries. To meet foreign visitors’ needs, themes for in-depth tours are also listed. Integrating Instagram photo sharing is an effort to join the latest trend of social media.