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Theme song composed for the Taoyuan Lantern Festival


Posted Date:2020-01-01

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2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival is for the first time held in Laojie Creek, Pingzhen Xinshi Park, and Zhongli Guangming Park. Curator of Taiwan Lantern Festival, Zhang Hanning, was invited to create the main visuals. Through working with a record label, four musicians formed the first lantern festival band, composed and sung the festival theme song, Light Up, implying the lanterns lighting up hope in Taoyuan.

Custom designed main visuals, demonstrating the depth and beauty of lantern art
Main visuals of the event were designed by Zhang Hanning, a renowned industrial designer in Taiwan. The famous pond landscape in Taoyuan serves as the inspiration. Combined with the theme of Year of the Mouse, the lantern festival this year is promised to be a feast of art.

Festival band singing for the future of Taoyuan
Another innovation in the 2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival is the theme song, Light Up, produced by renowned music producer, Chen Zihong and sung by the lantern festival special band, implying the great expectations and future prospect of Taoyuan.

2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival invites people from all over Taiwan to join the celebration
2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival opens on January 31, with various activities at Pingzhen Xinshi Park, Zhongli Guangming Park, and Laojie Creek Riverside Park. It is hoped that all participating visitors will enjoy the bustling festivity in the utopia of light.