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Hand-carried mini lanterns of the Taoyuan Lantern Festival. You can carry it or walk it for the looks and good fortunes of money


Posted Date:2020-01-13

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Taoyuan Lantern Festival releases this year’s hand-carried mini lantern with the two designs of “money shrew touring Taoyuan” and “mouse bringing good fortune.”
The much anticipated 2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival invited paper artist with over 30 years of experience and exhibition invitations from over 20 countries, Hong Xinfu, to design this year’s hand-carried mini lanterns. Combing traditional cultural values and the unique landscape characteristics of Taoyuan, the “money shrew touring Taoyuan” and the “mouse bringing good fortune” lanterns are expected to bring extra fun and double good fortunes for visitors.

“Money shrew touring Taoyuan”—Enjoy the top four scenes of Taoyuan at home
The “money shrew touring Taoyuan” lantern has a classic and elegant design that resembles ancient palace lanterns. The four sides of the lantern each has engraving of one of four scenes, “Taoyuan International Airport welcoming guests,” “Shihmen reservoir,” “Spring mornings at Cihu,” and “Daxi Old Street,” with the image of money shrew integrated. The squared structure of the lantern bears the meaning of bringing in money from all four directions. Four money shrews have eight ancient Chinese coins in their ears. The front hook is of the shape of peanuts from Longtan, also implying abundant resources such as food, clothes, and money. The tail of the money shrew looks like a horizontally placed “8” (“∞”) meaning endless good fortunes of money. When hand-carried, the lantern will spin itself; and when placed on a table, it can project the famous scenes of Taoyuan. It is a wonderful collectible item.

“Mouse bringing good fortunes”—Walk your mouse lantern and catch all the attention on the street
The other design, “Mouse bringing good fortunes,” resembles a cute, fat mouse with big eyes and big ears. You can change the pose of the mouse by adjusting its front limbs. The “hot wheels” under its feet represent money constantly rolling in. Yuan-bao (gold ingot) shaped handles, when held, indicate money in your hand. Three-part adjustable string allows you to adjust the length. This mini lantern gives extra fun experience because it can be carried and also walked.