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A completion ceremony and light performance was held at Longtan Lake Suspension Bridge


Posted Date:2020-01-21

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Full upgrade of the tourism environment of Longtan Lake, offering the best travel experience to the public
Tourism Bureau of Taoyuan City Government plans to make Longtan District a focus of tourism developments in the South. The Longtan Lake surrounding area has been fully renovated with multiple projects implemented, including the demolition of the old suspension bridge, construction of water-side stage and harbor, renovation of the visitor center, improvement construction on the east shore, improvement construction of Full-moon Bridge, construction of lighting, and construction of suspension bridge. It is hoped that the upgrading of various facility will increase the safety, comfortability, and friendliness of the overall tourism environment.

Increase the user-friendliness and functionality of the suspension bridge

1. Form: The bridge has a combined cable-stayed and suspension structure. After the renovation, it is expected that the user-friendliness of the bridge will be improved. The design also affords possibility of holding water events at Longtan Lake in the future.

2. Appearance: The bridge design preserves the original suspension structure, with dragon and water symbolism added, and local features of “Shanshui” (mountain and water) and cirrus to bear more local cultural characteristics.

3. Lighting: Main tourist walking areas of Nine-turn Bridge, Nantian Temple, and the suspension bridge are linked with lighting. In accordance with seasonal festivals and events, lighting can be designed and adjusted.  

Suspension Bridge light show welcomes all visitors to enjoy the view
A local dragon and lion dance troupe performed at the completion ceremony, implying a new beginning of Longtan Lake with a refreshed look. Colorful lighting is designed to give the suspension bridge different looks in daytime and at night. Local music is applied in the light shows to integrate local characteristics of Longtan.