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2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival lighting up Loajie Creek, inviting you to the utopia of light


Posted Date:2020-02-01

Popularity: 1877

Seven foci of 2020 Taoyuan Lantern Festival

1. Taiwan’s first lantern festival band and theme song, Light Up.

2. French repertory theater, Planete Vapeur’s first performance in Taiwan with a robotic dragon, the Dragon of Light.

3. Taoyuan’s original repertory theater, Rats’ Wedding

4. Laser show on a 500-sqm screen, the largest screen in Taiwan—the Flight of Light.

5. Taiwan’s first outdoor 3D theater—the Forest of Light.

6. Taiwan’s largest light maze—the Maze of Light.

7. Taiwan’s first 10,000 colored LED roses presented as the Carpet of Flowers show.

Three themed sections each has its uniqueness, demonstrating the fusion of traditions and innovation

The “Flying Sunrise” section has the theme of “Taoyuan International Airport, the gate to the Taiwan.” Using a 500-sqm screen, combined with animation and special sound and visual effects, the magical “Flight of Light” show was presented. “Forest of Light” projects hundreds of 3D insects and animals. “Maze of Light” uses vines to create a plant wall, inviting visitors to enter the maze and enjoy the beauty of light art. The “Sunrise Land” section is comprised of “Carpet of Flowers”—tens of thousands of colorful LED roses moving with the rhythm of ballads at night; and “Magic Castle”—a Baroque style castle inviting visitors into the world of Renaissance. You can also climb up the castle and look down to the carpet of flowers from the top.The “Galaxy Sunrise” section has a large number of lights laid out on the river, demonstrating the beauty of “more is better.” French theater troupe, Planete Vapeur was invited to present their first performance in Taiwan, the Dragon of Light, with a magnificent robotic dragon.