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2020 cherry blossom season of the Northern Cross-Island Highway


Posted Date:2020-03-10

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The annual cherry blossom season of the Northern Cross-Island Highway has started. Along the Northern Cross-Island Highway up until Baling area of Lala Mountain, the pink cherry blossom makes a beautiful and romantic view. “2020 cherry blossom season of Northern Cross-Island Highway” event starts from February 22, 2020 with various activities including cherry blossom cycling certification and cherry blossom photography contest.

The route for the cherry blossom cycling certification of the Northern Cross-Island Highway begins from Chiang Ching-kuo Memorial Hall in Touliao and ends at Lala Mountain visitor center, guided by professional cyclist teams. The cherry blossom photography contest offers a NT$50,000 prize to the gold medal winner, attracting many submissions. In order to encourage visitors to take a low-carbon approach, shuttle buses operate during the cherry blossom season.

When visiting the Northern Cross-Island Highway you can enjoy the charm of cherry blossom. Along the way you can also visit Cihu, Jiaobanshan Park, Xiao Wulai, and Lala Mountain. Each place is worth a visit.