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Follow the map, enjoy Taoyuan


Posted Date:2020-05-02

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Taoyuan City government has released the 2020 version of Taoyuan Travel Map with detailed introductions and road maps, allowing people to look up tourist spots quickly.

Fun in the East—visit the tourist factories
“Fun in the East” covers Guishan, Taoyuan, and Bade. In addition to natural scenery such as bald cypress in Bade, Hutou Mountain Park, and Dakeng Tung blossom trail, there are many tourist factories. Why not consider a daytrip to one of the tourist factories such as Namchow Recreational Factory, Taoyuan 77 Art Zone, Republic of Chocolate (Hunya Food Co., Ltd), and Bade Jiadong Xiaoli Bike Path.

Fun in the South—in-depth tour of nature and culture
“Fun in the South” covers Daxi and Fuxing, including Daxi Bald Cypress Boulevard, Indigenous Culture Center, Amuping Ginger Island, Luofu Hotspring, Xiao Wulai, and Lala Mountain. A day-trip on the historic trail is recommended, covering Jiaobanshan, Cihu Park, Daxi Old Street, and Daxi Bridge. 

Fun in the West—culture and nostalgia
“Fun in the West” covers Zhongli, Pingzhen, Yangmei, and Longtan, including tourist attractions such as Mazu New Village old military village art zone, Yangmei bald cypress, Lifestyle Bookstore, Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall, Shihmen Grand Lawn, Shiyifen Cultural Zone, and Chung Chao Cheng Park, making a perfect route for a trip of nostalgia.

Fun in the North—fun at seaside and in the field
“Fun in the North” covers Luzhu, Dayuan, Guanyin, and Xinwu. Yang Chou Keng Trail, Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes, Pig Snout Beach, and Yongan Fishing Harbor are perfect for an outdoor trip. Visitors can start from Kengkou Community Painted Village, Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, LotusPark Leisure Agriculture Area, and go all the way to the hundred-year-old stone weir cluster in Xinwu, gaining a full experience of the beauty of seaside and fields. The pamphlet is in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Visitors can obtain them from tourist service centers, visitor centers, airports, information desks, and Gooold Best Stays.