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Obtain Information on Crowd Situation from Real-Time Video of Taoyuan Smart Tour App


Posted Date:2020-04-28

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Taoyuan Smart Tour App, launched by Taoyuan City's Scenic Area Service Agency, enables tourists to access information on the attractions' crowd situation and traffic condition, and view the real-time video from its home page. Taoyuan Smart Tour App is available in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. The App took 2 years to develop; it provides real-time videos of 9 attractions: Daxi Old Street, Daxi Bridge, Shihmen Reservoir, Lalashan Visitor Information Center, Xiao Wulai Skywalk, Xiao Wulai Panoramic Lookout, Jiaobanshan Eco Pond, Hutoushan Owl Forest School and Back Cihu. It also contains information such as temperature, probability of precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, and air quality, enabling tourists to learn about the crowd situation and weather condition of the place before heading out.
Since its launch, the number of views has reached 2 million, with a 40% increase in viewing during the pandemic; Daxi Old Street has the most views, followed by Shihmen Reservoir. Apart from an increase of views from citizens, the views from international users has also increased.
The extensive smart services of Taoyuan Smart Tour App, together with the "crowd warning function" alert light developed by the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government, enable tourists to quickly obtain information of the crowd situation at 16 attractions in Taoyuan, thereby reducing crowding and risk of infection. Tourists can also obtain information required for the journey and enjoy a safe and convenient trip in Taoyuan.