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2020 Northern Cross Adventure Festival, exploring secret waterfalls and hiking trails


Posted Date:2020-07-15

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The highlights of the 2020 Northern Cross Adventure Festival are the secret hiking trails and waterfalls. There are 10 carefully selected routes, categorized into different levels of difficulties, including low, medium and high. The public may plan their itineraries based on their needs.

Entry-level itineraries to secret attractions, leisure tours of Northern Cross-Island Highway
For entry-level itineraries, head to Youxiayun Waterfall to enjoy the negative ions and refreshing stream; the huge Sanmin Bat Cave that can accommodate up to a thousand people; Lalashan Sacred Trees cluster, which has a total of 24 giant trees; Baling Historic Trail to visit the butterfly museum, geology museum and a 3-4 story high suspension bridge, and Gaopo Waterfall, one of the most accessible waterfalls along the Northern Cross-Island Highway.
For advanced itinerary, you may challenge "Xiaowulai Waterfall Energy Trail" by walking down from the Panoramic Lookout towards Yunei Creek and to Xiaowulai Waterfall.  Dongyanshan Self-Guided Trail is a 4 km trail. By following the stairs, you can conquer the 1212-meter-high mountain, one of the 100 Lesser Peaks. Jiaobanshan Hike starts from Jiaobanshan Residence towards the New Xikou Suspension Bridge, where you can enjoy the spectacular valley landscape.

Challenging level for the adventurous
Adventurous tourists may take on the challenge of Lalashan's Youling Waterfall Cluster. Follow the mountain trail down to the riverbed of Dahan River and then to the top of the waterfall, and you'll be welcomed by Shuiliandong Waterfall at the end of the trail. After visiting the waterfall, you can also backtrack and walk to the top of Youling Waterfall to overlook the waterfall, where you may even spot a rainbow if you are lucky!
Another challenging route is visiting Taiwan's only hot spring waterfall, Galahe Natural Hot Spring. Follow the ancient trail and cross the creek with the help of a rope to reach this wild hot spring, where you can enjoy both the waterfall and hot spring.