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Japanese artist, Mondo, takes photo and checks in at the new attraction of Taoyuan Tourist Service Center


Posted Date:2020-08-04

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Take a snapshot with the front of the shuttle bus at the service center, the starting point of Taoyuan's Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 
The three routes of Taoyuan's Taiwan Tourist Shuttle are Daxi Express, Xiao Wulai Route and Shihmen Reservoir Route, which start from THSR Taoyuan Station, TRA Taoyuan Station and TRA Zhongli Station, respectively. To provide tourists with more complete Taoyuan tourism information, and strengthen the link between the stations' tourist service center and starting points of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government uses the adorable front of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus to create a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle photo spot in the Tourist Service Center.

Japanese artist, Mondo, took Taiwan Tourist Shuttle with his friends to tour Taoyuan.
Japanese artist, Mondo, is the tourism ambassador of 2020 Taoyuan City's Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. In Mondo latest TV series, "Foreigners in Taiwan," he invites foreigners staying in Taiwan, such as Dooley (American), Jiangxun (Korean), etc., for local tours. They started their tours to new attractions offered by Taoyuan City's Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, beginning from the Tourist Service Center. According to Mondo and his team, they discovered a totally different way of visiting Taoyuan by the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle; along with the Tourist Service Center's foreign language service, it has brought great convenience to foreign tourists.

Blogger's guide on a leisure trip with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Taoyuan's local blogger, Darren, is also invited to experience Taoyuan's Tourist Shuttle. He highlighted that there are many popular IG attractions on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Shihmen Reservoir Route, including: Longtan Tourist Pond's cafe, Lingtan Street, Sankeng Old Street's eco park, Daping Red Bridge, the newly opened Baseball Hall of Fame, etc., not to mention Shihmen Reservoir alone is a scenic place.