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Taoyuan B&B course's themed workshops offer 40 ways to explore the small towns and mountain cities


Posted Date:2020-09-10

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Besides Lalashan, there are also many B&Bs in Taoyuan which are distributed over places like Xiaowulai, Daxi Old District and Longtan District, each with its own characteristics. The B&B course designs different themed workshops based on the characteristics of these four regions, inviting the interested public to register and experience for themselves.

Cooperating with local B&Bs and shop owners in planning 40 types of local courses exclusive to the place
Lalashan themed workshops include visiting the sacred trees, stargazing class, beetle ecology commentary service, peach picking, hidden cherry blossom spots, yacht church and the indigenous lifestyle, Atayal cooking class, wild stream and waterfall, bungee jumping, homestays DIY, etc.
Xiaowulai themed workshops include: a trip to Luofu Atayal Hot Spring Park/Yixing Suspension Bridge, river trekking at Yunei Creek, cycling along Roman Road Bike Trail, Atayal hunting culture, exploring Jiaobanshan Park, water activities at Xiayunping's Kuchi forest, cruise on Blue Highway, tea tasting at Daxi Tea Factory, bat cave exploration, farm experience at Taiqi Taohuayuan Leisure Agriculture Area, etc.
Daxi themed workshops include: learning about the history of Chiang Kai-Shek and Chiang Ching-Kuo, Daxi's century-old wood craft, Daxi's traditional parade, Daxi's century-old dried bean curd, new experience at old street houses, museums at the corners of the streets, story-telling at Li Teng-Fang Mansion, hiking along ancient trails, bird's eye view of Dahan River, leisure farm tour, etc.
Longtan themed workshops include: Sankeng Hakka delicacies, Shimen Sankeng Biking Trail, cultural street, hiking at Shihmen Reservoir, Shimen fresh fish cuisines, Lupine, Snoopy Store in Baseball Hall of Fame, scenery of Rugu Mountain, etc. The workshops connect B&Bs with local resources, with complete service information from the operators on the themed itineraries.