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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Shihmen Reservoir Route promotes domestic travel and gives to charity


Posted Date:2020-10-15

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This year, the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government includes the newly opened Fame Hall Garden Hotel into the tour route, and organizes "Give to charity through domestic tour with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle" in Fame Hall Garden Hotel, inviting hotel operators and cruise operators to give to charity by promoting Shihmen Reservoir Route. 20% of the total revenue of Shihmen Reservoir Route's one-day pass from July to August, baseball pants, baseball cap, etc., will be donated. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's one-day tour is provided for the rural youth baseball team of Sanguang Elementary School, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City; there are also 100 autographed balls from Rakuten Monkeys players redeemable for the public with their tickets.

Shihmen Reservoir's sports and LOHAS route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Shihmen Reservoir Route currently calls at 13 attractions, with new stops at the Hall of Fame and water activities at Longtan. The activities include: Sankeng Old Street bike tour, Shimen Mountain: challenge of 100 Lesser Peaks, Shihmen Reservoir lake tour, boating on Longtan Tourist Pond, and Baseball Hall of Fame's baseball experience. The public may also choose a romantic and cultural itinerary, including: DIY activity at Grape King Health and Vitality Power Center, enjoying coffee and books at Lifestyle Bookstore, learning about Hakka culture at Hakka Cultural Park, visiting Longtan Tourist Pond's neighboring Lingtan Street Creative Hub, picnicking at Shihmen Grass Land, and enjoying fresh fish cuisines!

3 types of season limited combo tickets to choose from
3 types of itineraries are launched this summer, including a new attraction, Fame Hall Garden Hotel. The public can purchase the Baseball Hall of Fame Snoopy commemorative coin combo ticket, which includes Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Shihmen Reservoir Route one-day pass and 6 commemorative coins from Snoopy Store of Baseball Hall of Fame. A limited edition commemorative waterproof bag is also given out with the purchase of a combo ticket!