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2020 Taoyuan International Kite Festival: a battle of astronauts and spaceships


Posted Date:2020-11-12

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The 2020 Taoyuan International Kite Festival was held on the hill around Zhongzhuang Reservoir in Daxi District. As the venue is close to Dahan River, the southbound northeast monsoon makes these hills the best stage for Taoyuan kites!

Space adventure in the Daxi Zhongzhuang sky
This event had the theme, "space." In addition to astronaut kites battling against alien spacecrafts in the air, there were also a variety of flying saucer kites, the popular Stitch and Angel, and Taoyuan mascots A-Tao and Yuan-Ge, taking all visitors on a journey to space.

Kites from around the world colored Taoyuan sky
In this year's Kite Festival, although the international teams were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and could personally be here, they still gave authorization for the designs of the British Mighty Mouse, the German parrot, and the Kiwi falcon to be flown by the Asian Kite Forum at the festival. 15 kite teams from all over Taiwan also brought various large-scale soft kites, single-line kites, and connected kites. The organizer specially created the "UFO and Aliens" and "Parachute" kites for the event, giving Taoyuan a carnival in the sky.

Professional coaches giving lessons on site
This year, a flying experience area was set up on the lawn, and a professional kite instructor was on site to give kite-flying lessons. Visitors could bring picnic mats to sit on and watch thousands of kites flying together here. There were family-friendly activities and band performances in the stage area, making the festival a great place for a family outing in autumn afternoon.