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Taste Shimen live fish at ease and appreciate the beautiful bald cypress


Posted Date:2020-12-03

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Shimen live fish delicacy can be enjoyed even by a small group
In common impression, it always takes a party of 8 to 10 people to enjoy a full table of Shimen live fish dishes. Now it has become easier. To accommodate modern travel needs, many Shimen live fish restaurants have launched live fish set meals for smaller parties. Even a party of 2-6 people can enjoy a variety of Shimen live fish delicacies without spending a lot of money!

The image-changing set meals designed for smaller parties
Shimen live fish has always been a delicacy that tourists must try when visiting Taoyuan. Local live fish restaurants have launched live fish set menus, including the classics sweet-and-sour fish and fish with soybean paste, along with vegetables and fish soup, offering balanced nutrition and great taste. It is a top choice in the changing seasons from autumn to winter when the weather is turning cold.

Red bald cypress: A great social media check-in and photo spot
Don't miss the beautiful scenery while trying delicious food. The Daxi bald cypress avenue stretches for nearly one kilometer. It has become a popular check-in and photo spot on social media. In Yuemei Artificial Wetland Ecological Park, there are also groves of bald cypress around the ecological pond, making a painting-like scene! Located on the opposite bank is the Daxi Riverside Park, with checkerboard-like bald cypress forests standing on large lawns. There are also heart-shaped landscaping and inclusive playgrounds, suitable for a family outing.