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The mayor inspecting Daxi Old Street and trying heritage cuisines


Posted Date:2021-02-08

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Heritage brand streamed sticky rice certified by the mayor

With the relief of the pandemic, Mayor Zheng made a special trip to Daxi Old Street.

Mayor Zheng visited “You’s steamed sticky rice” on Daxi Old Street that has been passed down three generations, and won the “Craftmanship Heritage Award.” Over a hundred years of time, the steamed sticky rice has remained strictly handmade and consistently tasty. The owner offered a variety of signature dishes, such as their steamed sticky rice and meat roll to the mayor, that the mayor could not stop praising about.

Dried tofu as a great holiday gift
In response to the approaching Lunar New Year, demands for gifts to share with relatives and friends were rising. Mayor Zheng went to the heritage dried tofu shop on Heping Road, Hwang Ryh Shiang, and talked about how Daxi's wonderful mountains and water nurtured local delicacies such as dried tofu, fermented bean curd, and dried black tofu. The aroma of soya will leave you wanting more.
In addition to Daxi, Mayor Zheng also recommended the Fuxing District and Yangmei District for cherry blossom viewing. The abundant tourist factories, leisure farms, old streets, and old military villages are also recommended.